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Drysc reveals new arena season 4 rating requirements and rules {WoW}

Jun 3rd 2008 12:03AM I think that this change will benefit the casual arena player. Im walking into arenas on my alt now and seeing teams geared with S3, everything but the shoulders and weapon, and im getting out geared.

im maintaining 1650ish rating but almost every loss is a loss to gear, my 250 resil on my new toon just isnt high enough to prevent a double rogue burn. In S4 i will walk into an arena and the people i fight will not be able to be carried by their gear.

I dont understand why casual players are complaining about somone outgearing them when they are never going to encounter that person in the arenas until they themselves can access the gear. And its not as if the stuff isnt still welfare, the gloves and legs are a low enough rating to get within the first 5 games of the season. Season 2 is now available on honor!

If you are complaining because casual players wont be able to access the best in the game then you are the Underclass, you are wanting somthing you dont want to earn, you beleive it is owed to you for some reason, and its not. WoW is built on meritocracy, deal with it.

These changes are GREAT for everyone, hardcore pvper or casual brawler alike. The underclass dont count because they are leaches on society.