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Blizzard wins lawsuit against bot makers {WoW}

Jul 16th 2008 2:40AM I only read the first page of comments and I'm not going to read anymore.

Not going to argue that none of the things mentioned are possible but I will say that the rumor-mongoring and drama "ZOMGMAIMUSYCISILEEEGAL!!".

Legal mess is fun and all but the fact that you can twist words around so effortlessly to create fear and confusion is the real crime.

Maybe, juuust maybe the US people should grow a set and make it clear to these guys that they've gone too far. They won't though, they'll continue getting scared of what's going to be illegal next. Big bad Blizzard has created more problems.

Don't blame the legal dicks twisting rules or anything, blame Blizzard.

Forum post of the day: Winning isn't everything {WoW}

Jul 14th 2008 4:21AM While you can chalk a lot of things up to pre-expansion, this isn't one of them. This started when welfare epics came out and it won't stop until something is done. Hell I think it may have started before then, I'm not sure.

That's like saying in order to solve boredom, go do something else that's boring too.

Forum post of the day: Winning isn't everything {WoW}

Jul 14th 2008 4:19AM Not only that but as nice as it is to be on the winning side, you're sure to end up on the losing side and that's when it stings the most.

Personally I think anyone that is willing to AFK or BS their way through a BG needs to quit playing. Exploiting a loose-fit system that Blizzard apparently won't do anything about and screwing everyone else over, and when you talk to them about it they resort to the boring default "QQ MOAR" or some other stupid response.

It's just a proven fact that players only care about themselves for the most part.

These same asshats that exploit the system are the ones that cry a river when it happens to them, which I find quite poetical but it doesn't solve the problem.

Caption This! {WoW}

Jul 4th 2008 10:05AM Warlock looks at the gnomes, then to the cat-mounted player.

"Ok that's the last time I go drinking with you..."

Forum post of the day: The future is not what it used to be {WoW}

Jul 4th 2008 8:27AM I think it would be fine. The only thing it would actually stop though is gold transfers through mail. And even then unless they get rid of CoD it still won't stop gold selling.

Reducing the need for gold doesn't stop gold selling lol, it's still there isn't it?

Forum post of the day: The future is not what it used to be {WoW}

Jul 4th 2008 8:20AM

Hey I dunno if you've looked around or not, but aside from the PvP gear being bound to PvP everything you just said has already come true haha.

PvP gear is easier to get. Raiding is becoming easier for casuals. They did increase the quests and gear. Oh, and PvPers do cry over spilled milk, and the raiders do cry about how they worked oh-so-hard (because a game is hard work) and now casuals can do it too.

Forum post of the day: The future is not what it used to be {WoW}

Jul 4th 2008 8:16AM As much as I'd hate to lose that venue of "What can I do today" options (Arenas) I gotta be honest bro that's a damn solid solution there. Get rid of Arenas from all non-arena servers and then all you have left is people that wanna BG or Raid.

Solid plan, too bad it'll never see light of day in lieu of this e-sport craze.

Forum post of the day: The future is not what it used to be {WoW}

Jul 4th 2008 6:38AM There will always be a class to QQ about. Why? Because just about everyone that QQ's is biased to their own class and Blizzard pays more attention to the biased idiots that whine and just want to win regardless of game structure rather than paying attention to the logical people that understand game balance.


Simple, because there are more whiners than there are smart people. Sad as it is.

Forum post of the day: The future is not what it used to be {WoW}

Jul 4th 2008 6:33AM The easiest solution for world pvp is greater rewards. Something beyond gear too because with gear, once you get it you don't need to go there anymore just like Kara.

I just thought of a perfect solution for world pvp.

Have players work on improving with a faction of some sort and once they make friendly they get access to a turn-in NPC. This NPC accepts trophies. When you kill a player of the opposing faction that is at least green to you, you loot the body for a trophy (ear, whatever) and you turn it in for gold.

An endless font of PvP and gold to keep people interested. Maybe have other quests (not turning in trophies) to improve the rep and increase the gold return.

Any thoughts?

Forum post of the day: The future is not what it used to be {WoW}

Jul 4th 2008 5:10AM I disagree with that being the 'Why' about broken PvP because that's just common sense. People who "worked" for S3 gear will get S4 faster. That's expected that's not something broken.

If anything it's the set up of how it groups challenges or lack thereof. Pitting an S1 person against an S3 or some such in arenas.

I don't agree that arenas are the problem either. If anything the problem is the emphasis Blizzard is putting on arenas. They want so badly to take hold of this e-sport crap that they're sacrificing anything and everything to make it happen.

If PvP is broken, it's because of the players moreso than Blizzard and I'll stand by that. It's the players that will create the rise or fall of Lake Wintergrasp. Blizzard making it the way they are is only a fraction of the problem.

AV is a problem because of players, not Blizzard. Players make the concious choice to make it into a speed run instead of the epic battle it used to be. Blizzard could change a lot of things sure but it doesn't negate the fact that the players will still cause their own misery in the end. It's just fact of life.

The response will probably be on Blizzard being responsible for creating the system for the players and to some extent I'll agree but that doesnt' mean the players don't have some modicome of responsibility in their own playstyles.

Perfect example being pillars in Arenas. Players CHOOSE to hug them, and other players CHOOSE to get butt-hurt because they get tired of chasing. That's laziness not a broken system.