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The acid-blooded devil is in the details for Aliens: Colonial Marines {Joystiq}

Apr 4th 2012 12:56PM sections that are almost like first-person Uncharted....
So a cut scene every 20 seconds and WOAH the ledge is falling!!
Hopefully not.

WAR40K devs laid off, game will no longer be an MMO {Massively}

Mar 30th 2012 11:43AM Apart from all the people loosing their jobs, the sadest part of this is that Relic and Vigil are the ones who end up looking bad and letting their talented staff go, while it's the fuckwit management at THQ who apparently don't know what the hell they are doing who are the ones cocking everything up.

How you take a successful and popular studio like Relic who have consistently made excellent games that have sold well, and Vigil who made an awesome first game and are about to follow it up with a stunning sequel and STILL loose money hand over fist is just mindblowing. It's a shame game studios can't file for divorce and get out of their abusive relationships before they get totally run into the ground.

ngmoco's Cousins expects free-to-play equivalent of Skyrim in a few years {Joystiq}

Mar 29th 2012 2:10PM So to recap.... in a 'couple of years' (which isn't enough time to make a game like Skyrim anyway) there could be a similar game to Skyrim that will be a big hit.

Damn, maybe he can predict the lottery numbers next!

Prototype 2 trailer is awfully direct {Joystiq}

Mar 23rd 2012 2:42PM @Anticrawl

Radical had nothing to do with Crackdown, it was made by Realtime Worlds. Crackdown 2 was made by Ruffian Games, which was founded by ex Realtime Worlds staff.

Maybe it's not Radical that isn't paying attention...

Obsidian missed Fallout: New Vegas Metacritic bonus by one point {Joystiq}

Mar 15th 2012 12:47PM Pretty fcuking typical of the assholes at game publishers these days. I've no doubt whatsoever that they seeded metacritic with just enough low scores to keep it below 85 so they didn't have to pay up.

Why the hell game development studios continue to allow themselves to be raped in the ass repeatedly by these greedy bastards is a mystery.

The Daily Grind: What's the most epic battle in which you've ever fought? {Massively}

Mar 7th 2012 1:44PM @Jokkl
I was going to say the same thing. My first time in Alterac Valley back in the day when it first launched. Damn that was crazy. It seemed like there were so many people and the fights just went on for ever. It was really amazing.

Jenova Chen: thatgamecompany aiming 'beyond just PlayStation' {Joystiq}

Feb 28th 2012 1:52PM @Shignami
It's the final frontier!

The Daily Grind: Are you playing GW in anticipation of GW2? {Massively}

Feb 28th 2012 1:11PM The original Guild Wars games (inc EotN) have such a special place with me that I don't want to just grind away on stuff and wear out the magic. So tempted as I am to keep going with HoM unlocks I'm getting through all the single player games I bought in Steam sales instead while I wait for GW2 to come out.

The Daily Grind: Has a free trial ever blown you away? {Massively}

Feb 27th 2012 12:55PM DCUO after the F2P change. I thought it might be ok, but I absolutely loved it and did end up signing up for a subscription for a while. Sadly it's usually the other way round and games I've been looking forward to have ended up being a dissapointment.

The Daily Grind: Do you take time off work to play games? {Massively}

Feb 23rd 2012 11:05AM Time off? I've got my resignation all typed out, just waiting for a release date for Guild Wars 2 and I'll be all set!