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3.0.2 for Feral Druids {WoW}

Oct 14th 2008 1:55PM I'm looking at bear build, going with 0/60/11. My 11 in resto would take Furor, Naturalist, and one point in Intensity so between Furor and hitting enrage, I have enough rage to charge and hit for snap aggro as often I'm the OT, and it's good for "Oh @#$@" moments. OOC is out, as don't see much use as rage has never been an issue. In the Feral tree itself, I'd pass up Feral Agression and go with normal AP reduction, Shredding Attacks as 2 rage doesn't save much, Primal Precision as this is more cat to me, Nuturing Instinct which is really PvP talent which I don't do much of, Predatory Instincts as I was told the AOE avoidance only impacts cats on a seperate WoWInsider column although I do hate losing the crit damage, and finally King of the Jungle because bears aren't supposed to be attacking while enraged because of the debuff as a rule but if need be I covered that in Resto tree. I've given my reasons, feel free to praise or hammer them.

Tank Talk: The better (and lesser) angels of our nature {WoW}

Jun 13th 2008 12:34AM I don't think I've read such a clearcut description about the "survive vs threat" issue facing all tanks before. This was an excellent read, and while he's obviously horde (won't hold that against him), the author is also a feral tank like my main. I haven't gotten to the higher tier levels (4/5 T4 myself), but I'm running into much the same issues, especially with the crappy itemization of high level feral druid gear. However, this gave me a fresh viewpoint on how to look at my gear. Now if the author was alliance, I wouldn't feel so dirty. :)

Ten Druids go on nom spree in Kara {WoW}

Jun 4th 2008 11:41PM Feral Charge/Maim might interrupt with a normal NPC, but raid level bosses are immune, as both abilities induce a stun, and stunning raid bosses isn't usually possible. I found this out the hard way my first couple of Kara. Every Bash simply flashed 'Immune' across the screen, and Maim, while it would cause damage, would not interrupt squat.

Blizz, any thought of fixing this? Only been asked for the last two years I've been playing a druid.