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Richard Knaak signing in the Midwest, Blizzard artists' forum at UC Irvine {WoW}

Sep 25th 2009 2:30PM Wait, he's comin to OP? Oh shit, what, did hell freeze over? Guess I have something to do tomorrow finally...

Win even more loot from {WoW}

Sep 11th 2009 4:13PM I never thought of using those during raids. IT's like on COD or RS6, spamming flash grenades at team members in the middle of shootouts. Oh, the havoc!

Breakfast Topic: I hate {WoW}

Sep 11th 2009 9:52AM I hate those damn horde Spacejams that attack Westfall endlessly on Aggramar US. Jackasses.

Garrosh is not well-liked {WoW}

Sep 5th 2009 3:33AM Yeah, except if you've read Arthas, then you know that Sylvanas KNEW they were making the plague to be used against EVERYONE including the Horde, Alliance, Scourge, etc. Sylvanas is just as crazy as Garrosh, she just has a good poker face and knows how to pass the buck.

Breakfast Topic: I am become Death, the shatterer of worlds {WoW}

Aug 26th 2009 3:14PM I cannot wait. I kind of felt bad at first upon reading (halfway through at least) of Arthas the novel, but when he killed off his humanity, I figured that's about the time the guy's gotta go. There's no chance of redemption for him, it's all forces go. I just want to see something happen with Jaina and Arthas, some kind of ending. I imagine she has to play a part, as does King V (since they were all good friends in the novel and lore), and it's an overall tragic story and it'll be nice to finally put it to rest. Anyone else feel the whole Arthas turned Lich King seemed kinda Darth Vader-ish minus the last minute redemption (course, 3.3 may have surprises, lol.)?

Who plays what in the WoW movie? {WoW}

Aug 19th 2009 11:52PM I could very well see Gary Oldman as Khadgar. But who for Arthas?

Verizon touts 1 million BlackBerry Storms sold to date {Engadget}

Jan 27th 2009 10:58PM I have a storm and it's great. Sure, I cuss at it from time to time, but come to think of it...I did that with my Treo, I've done that with my Curve, old 8800, HTC 6700, so it's not really better at that regard. Then again no smartphone is, and please for fark's sake, fanboys, please stop. Your iphone is not a smartphone, it's a standard, multi-tasking phone and damn good one at that. But I'm so sorry to say, it's not a smartphone, so please, do the world a favor and shut the fark up all ready. Damn. Oh and for the record, I enjoy watching TDK while using BLUETOOTH headphones, the world sucks, doesn't it?

BlackBerry Thunder touchscreen phone in live shot {Engadget Mobile}

Jun 19th 2008 2:15PM coughOPENDEVELOPMENTcough....'cuse me, had a little cough there...

Nokia 6205 "The Dark Knight Edition" is funnier than Verizon probably intended {Engadget Mobile}

Jun 9th 2008 2:44PM The Dark Knight edition...ROFL...This is going to be some serious hilarity.

Verizon "in talks" to buy Alltel for $27 billion {Engadget Mobile}

Jun 5th 2008 12:10AM I can't help this...but John, as a "Wireless Consultant", that's loosely translated to sales peon. You say you're holding out? Yeah, cool man, too bad you have no idea what the rest of the company that pays your paychecks is doing. As a peon, working out of some small ass store, you have no idea what your company leaders are thinking or doing. Hence, Peon, as opposed to Overlord. Oh, and btw, Largest Wireless Network in America? Right on man, that's why you're number five in the nation, and when they talk about the big 4...Alltel isn't on the list. Remember: Just because you have your own business card, doesn't mean you know what deals are going down other than what phones are on sale and who's in your fave five. If this merger goes through, I'm going to laugh...not as hard though as if the T-Mobile and Sprint merger goes down though, ROFL.