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The plague grows... {WoW}

Oct 23rd 2008 9:40PM Maybe I’m reading to much into this, but did anyone else notice that in Bornakk’s Zombie Infestation Survival Guide that the first diary entry is from Wednesday, and the second is from Friday? The event started yesterday (Wednesday), I bet something big is going down tomorrow (Friday) :-)

Blizzcast episode 3: Dungeons and raids edition {WoW}

Jun 5th 2008 7:23PM Rather than having different tiers of badges, I would rather see badge progression based more around unlocking vendors. The heroic badge vendor would be unlocked at the start. To unlock the tier 7 10 man badge vendor you have to kill one of the first bosses in 10 man Naxx, and to unlock the 25 man tier 7 badge vendor you have to kill the same boss in the 25 man version of Naxx. This would continue for each tier.

To make it so you have the most to gain by doing your tier of raids you could possibly have heroic bosses drop 1 badge, tier 7 10 mans drop 2 and tier 7 25 mans drop 4. At tier 8 10 man bosses could maybe drop 4 and 25 man bosses could drop 8 and so on. Then you can have the cost of the items scale at the same rate. While you would have the most to gain and progress the quickest by doing your tier of raids, you would still have something to gain doing heroics or pugging lower level raids.