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Maintenance day loot from {WoW}

May 18th 2010 9:53AM is awesome.

Mortal Online to launch this month {Massively}

Mar 14th 2010 1:19PM Except it's a sandbox MMO so most of the content is player-driven anyway. People playing in this game likely won't give too much of a crap about PvE content until they can get mobs of people to go slay dragons and whatever.

Does Blizzard need to put out more content faster? {WoW}

Jun 22nd 2008 5:58PM The problem with your idea, especially in Wrath, will be not only ensuring the content is quality, but also that it is properly tuned. Considering every 25-man will also house a 10-man, and you have a dungeon, two raids, arenas, battlegrounds, and some form of other "casual" content. Leave one of those things out and you risk driving that certain crowd away. No matter how fast they crank out content there will always be raiders completing it faster than it can be made.

Forum Post of the Day: Invitation requirements {WoW}

Jun 6th 2008 7:25AM Grrr, WoWInsider ate my first comment ever. ;(

Forum Post of the Day: Invitation requirements {WoW}

Jun 6th 2008 7:18AM Funny, I just had two awful pug experiences yesterday I can share. Keep in mind I literally just hit 70 on my reroll hunter Tuesday night, ran my first heroic Wednesday night (