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Jun 6th 2008 7:20AM Being that I played the Hunter (Assassin) class in Elder Scrolls, I miss the Assassin / Sniper ability. One thing I truly believe is missing from the Hunter class is the ability to be invisible. Being that I already have a Rogue, I'd argue that this could be a game breaker...but since a hunter would only need stealth from a distance (like a true sniper), Hunters should have an ability to go stealth at a distance.

They should call it Camouflage and should be part of the MM or Survival tree.

This ability would allow the Hunter to be invisible even when attacking from a minimum distance of 10 yards providing that the Hunter does not move. Any movement should cause the stealth to break. To keep this from being a complete game-breaker in PvE and PvP, there should be a timer or say a 25% chance to break stealth every time a shot is fired. Also, to go in line with the $$ cost of being a hunter (e.g. Arrows), the hunter should be required to buy Camouflage paint from a Reagent Vendor, which is consumed each time the Camouflage ability is activated.