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Breakfast Topic: Shame {WoW}

Jun 8th 2008 10:20AM I've never been ashamed of it, and I probably never will be. None of my friends are gamers, and they seem to be more ashamed of my hobbies than me (which is idiotic, but hey, that's their problem, not mine).

I've always held to the theory that if my hobbies don't hurt me or anyone else, and if they're not illegal, I have absolutely no reason to be ashamed of them, and I'll also never apologize for being who I am or liking what I like.

I've never felt the need to 'hide' the fact that I'm a gamer; I wear the clothing, talk the talk, and will discuss gaming if someone brings it up.

That said, I don't let the game control me. I play if and when I have the time. There are some weekends where I've spent countless hours logged in, and other weekends where I've just had other things to do and haven't logged in at all. I've never shirked my responsibilities as a spouse, parent, employee or friend. If I have spare personal time, I see nothing wrong with choosing WoW over talking on the phone with a friend, playing solitaire, watching a movie or surfing the net mindlessly for hours. To me, each of the previously-listed activities is about as productive as the other, so why not choose the one I enjoy the most?

Just because my friends or relatives don't understand the fact that I enjoy WoW doesn't mean I should feel ashamed. Frankly I don't understand why anyone would want to sit in a boat for eight straight hours while getting eaten alive by mosquitos, but does my husband feel ashamed of the fact that he loves to fish? Absolutely not.

Each to his own.