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The future of Heroic attunements {WoW}

Jun 9th 2008 7:01PM While I have absolutely no problem with Blizzard changing the way Heroic keys may be earned your argument that "even with Honored, some people with different playstyles (solo players, for example, since lots of reputation comes from running instances) are still having trouble." is odd. Why would you want to give "solo" players a key without having to run an instance. Heroics are a step up in difficulty yet the argument here seems to be lets give players who don't want to run an instance to get what is a very small amount of rep the keys to the hard mode.

You already have situations where people haven't actually done an instance to get the heroic key, which causes more wipes and frankly more wasted time. I have no issue if Blizzard want to make these keys available in some way or another but they should absolutely make it necessary to run the instance at least once in full.

I've been trying to think of a faction which is currently tough to get honored with for the heroic key. Providing you've done the quests while levelling for those factions then most would require you to only step into once instance. Which often means you may not have visited the other instances associated with that faction by the time you're honored. The only instances which really require you to run instances more than once to get honored are probably in the Caverns of Time.

I respect Blizzard for making it a challenge to get far better loot, they reduced that challenge yet some people still find it tough? I appreciate that not everyone has hours to spend farming reputation, but running an instance to learn it while also gaining the necessary reputation (so long as you've done the solo levelling quests) shouldn't be a problem even for the most casual gamer.

I made a point to visit all instances on normal before going in on heroic even if I have the heroic key, it gives me chance to get a feel for the place and I'd like to think the group I'll go with in heroic would notice the difference of that experience. I can't force my way of playing on other people though and I wouldn't want to; play to have fun, but please don't take away some challenge to getting rewards.

I'd favour a method where for each instance you had to run it in its entirety, not for each faction but actualy for each instance. Once quest per instance and you can then get the key for that instance while those you might not like can remain closed off. This would make it easy enough that even a very casual gamer could get the key while guaranteeing that they've at least run it once.