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Season 4 and PvE progression {WoW}

Jun 9th 2008 8:45PM This is what you have to do when the end game is gear based and you have to balance your PvE content with a bolted on PvP system innovated from another game that is not gear based.

In my opinion though the basic premise of this article points out one of the elements that I have always been disappointed with which is how badly Blizzard has managed to integrate participation in PvE and PvP. Just about every aspect of the game, from gear to player specs, drives players to make a choice to do one OR the other. (Or have separate toons for one or the other.) To me this has really gutted this game's sense of close knit community and server pride. People who choose PvP could care less about PvE guild progression on their servers and people who choose PvE belittle and revile in even the existence of the other. There is no meaningful interaction of the two aside from random escalating ganking on the PvP servers.

Would have loved to seen a more integrated approach where PvE accomplishments would aid PvP access and PvP success would have an impact on PvE. How DAoC managed the Darkness Falls dungeon is a perfect example. For now we're stuck with "welfare epics" and snobbish/elitist raiders.