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Ask WoW Insider: Defining mains and alts {WoW}

Aug 18th 2008 5:12PM Sorry, but most of the reasons a user brings in an alt is because the guild usually asks for it.

If my guild needed a tank for a run and I'm normally a DPS class, then I expect to be able to roll on any tank gear the dropped as I was asked to attend as a tank.

If you run an alt just because your main is geared up already, then use your common sense and give your other guildies a chance for better loot. We usually look at this as mains roll first for main-spec. Alts roll if nobody needs it for main-spec. Again, I bypass this rule if I was required to show up with my alt.

Intel denies USB 3.0 abuse, dangles controller spec from window {Engadget}

Jun 12th 2008 3:56PM It's not like Intel told AMD and Nvidia to wait while they spend their own R&D budget on working out this Dummies guide. I would expect A & N would have access to the open spec from the USB group no different than Intel. If they are unhappy waiting for someone else to do all the work, maybe they should pony up their own cash and get to work on the spec themselves.