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Win one of 25 Macheist bundles {}

Apr 7th 2009 9:53AM Picturesque

iPhone 3.0 feature roundup {}

Mar 17th 2009 4:13PM Fantastic news on the 'Notes' syncing, however they never touched on To-Do syncing.

After years of waiting, Shockwave Player plugin finally goes Universal {}

Mar 28th 2008 4:34PM Does anyone have any suggestions on how to add the (arcadeemulator2) Xtra that is required to play the Shockwave games at

Thanks in advance!

Garmin improves Mac support for GPS, releases a Bobcat {}

Jan 17th 2008 2:16PM I appreciate everyone's comments and taking the time to post such thorough accounts. Keep them coming.

Garmin improves Mac support for GPS, releases a Bobcat {}

Jan 17th 2008 8:51AM Knowing very little about Garmin GPSes, does anyone have any suggestions for a new buyer? I would like to use it for camping and pin-pointing location co-ordinates. I see most of the models still use serial, but are there any decent entry-level ones that anyone would suggest?

Thanks in advance!

Colin McRae Rally due out Friday {}

Oct 24th 2007 9:47AM The demo is available on a French Mac Gaming site:

Snapz Pro X Universal Binary {}

Jun 22nd 2007 12:59PM What was most interesting about this release is what Andrew Welch told Macworld. (

"If you use Snapz Pro X, you’ll be astounded by what we are working on,” said Ambrosia president Andrew Welch. Additional details will be revealed in the future."

Ghost Riders in the Sky? {WoW}

Jan 16th 2006 5:13PM Another funny experience was in the closed beta when things still looked pretty rough. Normally when you encounter a beast (say a wolf) it will run after you for a set length before it breaks off pursuit and returns to the original position. Well in the closed beta lets say you were running down a hill, once the creature broke off pursuit it would pull a "Matrix" style jump and land back on the top of the hill. Blizzard finally introduced pathfinding, and now the creatures walk. Shame.. it was a good laugh.

Ghost Riders in the Sky? {WoW}

Jan 16th 2006 5:06PM I got on a Griffin in Westfall only to just sit there and watch it just hover in the air and flap it's wings. I waited... and waited... figuring it was just lag... but it never went anywhere. Finally, just for kicks I used my movement keys, and to my utter amazement I was actually controlling it. Man was it fast! Then WoW unexpectedly quit. It was worth it though.

Any Other Contenders? {WoW}

Dec 31st 2005 11:48AM Even huge titles such as Lord of the Rings Online won't pull me away from WoW for one simple reason. Only WoW works on a Mac.