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Halls of Reflection exploit trivializes Lich King encounter {WoW}

Dec 30th 2009 12:18PM Dumb logic. Just because you can do it doesn't make it not an exploit. Look up the definition of exploit, you're taking advantage of a weakness in their coding.

Halls of Reflection exploit trivializes Lich King encounter {WoW}

Dec 30th 2009 3:49AM We just did this with no exploits in under 6 mins. helps to have two high dps and a disc priest who knows to holy nova and infusion the warlock, and to burn short cds on wall 2/4, while saving long cds for wall 4.

Real strat, vs tricks

Patch 3.3 compatible addons {WoW}

Dec 8th 2009 12:28PM I don't see a Grid since 12/2 (which seems to work on the PTR, but the toc is out of date)

Spiritual Guidance: Patch 3.3 priest gear and changes {WoW}

Dec 7th 2009 4:27AM Penance procs your flash heal benefit. Flash heal (anyone) with your fast haste you stacked a little more of than the experts agree to. RIght back to penance.

How nice is that for a quick 22K heals?

Breakfast Topic: How many of you play on a Mac? {WoW}

Nov 22nd 2009 6:58AM Mac user since Feb, 1984 :)

WoW Moviewatch: Level 1 Dwarven Hunter Raid {WoW}

Nov 19th 2009 12:36PM Do you even get a gun at level 1?

Gearing up for WoW: The RazerNaga AddOn {WoW}

Oct 16th 2009 3:17PM Here is a video review I did:

I don't use their software, nor addon. Just the mouse. Works great mapping to 1 through =. I use bartender.

I agree with button 3 and 4 placement, and would like it to be a little bit larger, but I *love* it

About the 1st generation iPhone/push notification post: an apology {}

Jun 20th 2009 7:34PM Kai,

You tell that to the judge the next time you're sued for breaking an NDA. We'll see how well it goes over.

I never said the press is breaking the NDA. You need to read more carefully. I said the developer signs/breaks the NDA, but the press surely doesn't respect the NDA by publishing information knowingly gained by someone breaking an NDA.

About the 1st generation iPhone/push notification post: an apology {}

Jun 20th 2009 2:14PM Kai,

Superfluous? It is not up to you to decide! When a developer signs a **non-disclosure agreement** it means just that, NO DISCLOSURES. Not about how well something works, how poorly something works, or if something is not even in a build anymore. "non-disclosure" means NONE.

This has nothing to do with harming the NDA, it has to do with respecting it. They are there for a reason, and if you can't respect it, don't sign it! How can we make this any more simple for you?

Just because Apple has talked about a feature does NOT release a developer from the NDA to talk about the feature unless directly approved by Apple.

This kind of awful reporting, so bad that they had to apologize, can hurt a company, their stock, etc by mis-reporting the facts. Either good or bad.

For example, if a Developer sees some cool feature in a beta, and leaks it, then Apple pulls it at the last minute because it is not functioning up to their standards, guess what, the stock likely takes a hit.

This is why companies had NDAs, and I just wish both Developers and the "press" would respect them more.

Sure, as users we all love to hear what is coming, and I am sure Apple leaks stuff on purpose to generate hype and demand, but really that should be Apple's call, not some random blogger.