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Build Shop: Warrior 31/27/3 for Season 4 {WoW}

Jun 17th 2008 2:49PM Wow... that is a terrible build. WTH.
There is a fixed build.
If you don't have second wind, go kill urself please PvP is not for you. Angermangment is useless, so is unbridled rage, those are for fury or pve... Geting Boom Voice or Demo shout is much better. Demo is a form of medigation, Boom Voice is much better since you can get your targets out of stealth with more range.
Now for swords, swords=the rape. Yes you do hear "nerf swords" maces or swords, it still decimates.
With 31/27/3, you lose everything that makes a MS warrior a warrior. Look up all the top warriors, they aren't that spec no one is. I do not know how you can come up with such spec nor do I want to know.