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Starting from scratch with two weeks to Season 4 {WoW}

Jun 17th 2008 3:56PM Hi Arb,

Question on the Vindicator set remaining available. I'm fairly new to PVP so I may be missing something obvious but as far as I can tell from my visits to Champion's Hall, the only Veterans item that is currently available is the ring, with neck belt boot & bracers having been replaced by vindicators. Is that true or is the entire veterans set still available?

Likewise, when S4 hits will any vindicators gear other than the ring still be up for sale, or will it all be replaced by Guardians? Given that the guardians ring boots and bracers all have arena rating requirements, i've been scrambling to get the vindicator versions before season 4 hits... but if I'm missing something and they will remain available, i'd love to know where to get them.