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Nesingwary's extinction plan (hasn't worked) {WoW}

Aug 28th 2008 6:24PM "Will I be able to kill and skin DEHTA members?"

Heh. Maybe this will be a PvP quest. Given how hard some Druids are to kill though, maybe it should be a group quest. Ok, get 15 of your closest friends...

Of course, the DEHTA Druids might get quests to take down the Nesingwary questers...

The Daily Grind: Are hardcore players skewing game development? {Massively}

Jun 19th 2008 12:33PM Having played a couple of characters to 50 in City of Heroes, one to 70 in WoW, and one to 185 in Anarchy online I'll add my 1 cent worth.

The Endgame content in AO just isn't accessable unless you're in a well oiled raid guild. At least it wasn't when I was playing.

City of Heroes has no end game content, other than a big green Jello Ball. Once you hit 50, well, there's little interest in doing anything.

WoW does a nice job of covering the casual player and the hardcore player. Hit 70 and there's still plenty to do that's fun, without ever having to set foot in a raid.

I may never set foot in a 25 or 40 man raid, but I'm enjoying the battlegrounds PvP, which is very accessable (if sometimes frustrating) to the casual player.

But you're right. Some people don't want to raid or PvP and any game that can cater to them AND the hardcore types, with fun content, should do well.