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The Daily Quest: Of gear guides, DK interviews and Pest Control {WoW}

Mar 26th 2009 3:12PM I'm not sure why we are still saying 'Zomg, all Death Knights face roll over 9000!'. Most of the classes I've played come down to using abilities in a logical order. After you learn that order, and you repeat that order over and over, you can do it quite easily. My Warlock is just as easy to play as my Death Knight.

Death Knight tanking isn't any more or less difficult then Druid tanking, Paladin tanking, or Warrior tanking in my opinion (Although I find our raid paladin seems to generate a little too much threat over the rest of us, so annoying)

Now, as for them being 'Ridiculous and Unbalancing' - I don't know that I find them ridiculous, but of course they are upsetting the balance. Many of us have been playing this game for quite a period now, introducing a new class and a new expansion have naturally upset the balance of classes. Rogue Mage Priest might need to learn a few new tricks, Warrior tanks actually have to compete for their raid spots.

Of course, I'm being unfair to you as well, since I'm ignoring the spirit of your argument for the wording, but you've posted ridiculous trolls as quickly as possible, and most of us are biased against face rollers that post first.

Freeware Friday: Battleships Forever {Big Download}

Jun 22nd 2008 3:27AM Wow, I'm actually pretty impressed. I started playing it, and went through the full campaign. The attention to detail in the mechanics of the weapons is indeed the most addictive and impressive aspect. The game plays very positionally with fleet makeup being very important. Play it, now!