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Gold Capped: When glyph prices hit the wall {WoW}

Aug 2nd 2010 1:46PM One thing that hasn't been addressed is the fact that you can affect the herb market by selling tons of glyphs at barely what it costs to make them. I have tried this myself in both the glyph and gem markets, and it works.

People get skittish when they see those low prices, and bow out. That leaves more uncut gems and unmilled herbs for you to purchase. Thus, driving down the cost of your own supplies.

If you pay attention to your costs and what you're buying, you can quite literally wind up with a month or two worth of low-cost mats, all for the 'price' of decreased profits for a week or so.

Blizzard: Run Oculus, win fabulous prizes {WoW}

Jan 5th 2010 7:26AM Something to keep in mind -- the dungeon dropped a piece that people wanted for their Holiday Achievement, a hat. And given the way the dungeon finder works, if one person intentionally chooses Oculus, four people will wind up with it being their random dungeon. In other words, the dungeon was being pushed on people much more than would normally happen.

Tank opportunities in the late endgame {WoW}

Dec 7th 2009 3:32PM This has everything to do with the fact that Blizz saw fit to give everyone a 'free' tankable class -- the DK. There is nothing equivalent for healers, for example. And while DKs CAN DPS, my experience shows that the VAST majority of the DKs opt to be tanks.

So this grief for tanks is understandable, and will likely continue for quite awhile.

Auction houses broken across Azeroth {WoW}

Oct 25th 2009 6:08AM A couple of things to note here. I have no intimate knowledge of Blizz's system, but I am a systems analyst.

It feels like Blizz either changed databases for the auction house servers, or the previous database was corrupted in some rather major way. This occurred immediately after a scheduled restart of their servers, so it is logical to assume that it was something they changed prior to the restart.

This change that they implemented prior to the restart resulted in 'internal auction house errors'. This was somewhat quickly remedied, with a completely new and empty auction house. On Feathermoon we went from an auction house of upwards of 350 pages to nothing.

This went on for quite a few hours, with all that previous AH content missing, but with the 'blues' in the official forums telling us that the items would be returned, likely without necessitating another restart -- unless they were scheduled to expire, in which case they'd be returned in mailbox as normal.

A few hours after THAT, the AH went empty for the second time. So there are now two databases in limbo, with a third AH database being in place at the time of my writing this.

So now, Blizz has to 'merge' the data from the previous two databases with the one that is currently active. I suspect they are using some flavor of SQL database, and this shouldn't be terribly difficult -- assuming that there was corruption, and that the data wasn't corrupted too badly.