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Patch 3.3: Fishing pool guarantees and what it means for the market {WoW}

Dec 3rd 2009 10:22AM This blows.....big time! Fishign was one of the most annoying and borign things to do but I am now going to have zero benefit for all the time and effort I put in over those who couldn't be bothered yet will now be able to go off and take my snapper and make cooking up for raids even harder to do than it already is! At least give those of us with max level fishing something nice like a free fishing hat to wear that increases the number of fish you catch or something. I can't believe how dumbed down this game is getting lately!

Turbine: Easier to develop MMOs on the Xbox 360 than the PS3 {Joystiq}

Nov 11th 2009 10:35AM I think the problem with porting an MMO to a console isn't so much what can or can't be done but more people attitude and lack of original ideas. Everyone just wants to make a WoW clone these days to try and steal a small chunk of the market and the console game makers are worried about access times from the game discs.

Firstly, a more traditional-type MMO wouldn't work simply as it requires a keyboard for all the abilities, chat etc and that defeats the purpose of a console based game. Secondly why not utilise the fact that both the Xbox and PS3 have large storage spaces now and have a large portion of the game installed here and thus avoid the use of disc access for all info?

The big thing is to not be boxed in on a fantasy hack n slash PvE based MMO, and concentrate on what the console systems do better than anyone and that is first person style games. Oblivion was a huge success as was Fallout 3, one was a sword weilding knight of the realm and the other was a gun toting nuclear renegade...both were awesome games that could easily have been converted into an MMO environment, simple controls, immersive gameplay and the open-world gameplay that is required for a truly great MMO. Instanced areas could be inserted for group quests, an auction house would work simply enough still, factions, guilds etc could still be implemented and best of all, the PvP nature of these types of games is already present from such games as Call of Duty. Chat could be done through a headset while in a group or within set channels...most players already use external voice comms software while playing online games so why not just make this the default communications setup?

I think this would be a boon for the console market if it was done correctly, make it fun, in-depth enough to keep yoru attention and have the come-back draw of loot and upgrades that make people play for hours on end. If Guild Wars managed to run things without fees then I see no reason why this would need it? Lots of potential and I hope it doesn't get swept under the carpet under the pretense of "beign too hard"

Patch 3.0.8: Analysis of Death Knight changes {WoW}

Jan 19th 2009 9:19AM DK's were struggling to match other tanks as far as armour and defense rating went which has clearly been a major part of this patch. I got to the point where I needed to run heroics to get my tanking gear better but couldn't tank heroics as I didn't have the right about a chicken and egg scenrio. Blizz didn't take into account the extra defense and enchants for Shields but with Stone gargoyle and the buff to Frost Presence it should be a very nice time to tank as a DK.

I do agreee that many DK's in any role are very confused about what they need to do. I do both....tank and dps roles...and I feel I do them well (as do the groups I go along with - usually a couple of different guilds who I have impressed along the way). Tanking still requires the same skills and awareness that tanking requires in any other class. You watch mana of healers, you mark targets, you ready check befor ejust plowing off to battle 5 mobs at once.

As DPS DK's should also be more aware of their role in my opinion too. If a healer gets into trouble or takes aggro then use DG and off-tank for a bit. You dropping down the damage charts isn't as big a problem as many think - it's much better than the only healer in the group dying because the tank lost aggro and you refused to break off and do something about it. If the main tank dies don't just keep plowing away....switch to frost presence, drop Death and Decay and become the new tank....and perhaps the group won't wipe after all :)

Back to the changes:

PvP was always going to be a tricky beast to try and balance and so it proved. Too many abilities that were intended for damage mitigation while tanking were just abused in PvP. I for one am happy enough with the changes and perhaps it will stop other classes whining too much (clearly not rogues as they always get their own way for PvP changes). We still have the damage, we still have the stun immunity from IBF, we still have silences, we still have movement restriction adn we still have magic and melee mitigation. All the changes mean are a little more skill will be involved rather than the imba spells and abilities that mean an I-WIN for DK's and much cursing and wailing from annoyed little 12yo's.

All in all I was expecting a lot worse than this in the nerf department and can't believe the buffs we are getting as well. It truly is a great time to be a Death Knight!

PvP vs. PvE - EA Mythic on Warhammer: Age of Reckoning {Big Download}

Jun 24th 2008 7:46AM Where is the challenge in going off to a lower area just to pick a fight with someone you KNOW you'll win??? Where is the insentive for lower players to PvP when they know they can't win? Does anyone PvP in WoW in low levels? No, because all the twinks make it completely pointless unless you're twinked out too. OK, so maybe the definitive zones is a littel harsh and the idea of having you turn into a chicken if you attack someone a specific number of levels below you is a good idea. but even this has problems.

I for one can't wait to get into this game. I think EA-Mythic have gone about this game the correct way to make it the most enjoyable game for the widest number of people. I think it even caters more for the casual gamer than the hardcore gamers which is actually the right way around and ensures a more even playing field. WoW and many others have been setup completely unbalanced and while there will inevitably be problems with WAR, they should be reduced by the way it has been created.

WAR sounds a lot more fluid than some games out there and the cross-over between PvE and PvP/RvR is looking quite good. My only hope is that they are somewhat more strict on their own policies and cut out players who simply log on to annoy others and create rediculous names that spoil the atmosphere of the game for those more serious players. Can't wait to play this game!