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Infinity Ward has no plans for pre-launch Modern Warfare 2 demo {Joystiq}

Sep 29th 2009 4:46PM Co-op would be a great inclusion, but if you're going to put vehicles in a multiplayer fps, do it right, or leave it to the games that do, I'd say.

The tanks in WaW felt very tacked-on and muddled the game on the levels they showed up in. Seelow is miserable, most of the time. Vehicles done right can be seen in games like Bad Company (or Battlefield: 1943 even) where they are designed as an integral part of the gameplay.

Infinity Ward has no plans for pre-launch Modern Warfare 2 demo {Joystiq}

Sep 29th 2009 1:01PM There's not too many games that I'd go to bat for the strength of the narrative, but the nuclear explosion and ending are -two- of the moments that I most remember from any game I've played in the past 5 years.

Maybe expecting quality of that caliber will make it harder to impress me like that again, but imho they put out a better quality game than WaW, and WaW was great, in other ways.

Short version, I am excited to play through the story in MW2, and I could care less about anything that happened in the story in WaW.

Hands-on: Starcraft 2 - the single-player experience (finally!) {Joystiq}

Aug 17th 2009 4:35PM Can't wait. Despite the constant whining, Blizzard doesn't disappoint.

Impressions: Aliens Vs Predator {Joystiq}

Aug 13th 2009 4:26PM Sweet - in the great PC games by Rebellion I had hours of fun just running around with the spear gun and hitting humans in various body parts and pinning those bleeding parts to the wall... it was like a paint game built in!

If they simply pull off a good modern remake with some fun new multiplayer, that will be more than enough to make this a buy for me - those games, multiplayer especially, were a lot of fun!

Spotted at Quakecon: Doom II for XBLA {Joystiq}

Aug 13th 2009 2:12PM Excellent! Been waiting and hoping for this for a long time after Doom on xbla.

Left 4 Dead 'Crash Course' campaign DLC free on PC, $7 on 360 - this September {Joystiq}

Aug 4th 2009 2:32PM One sitting?

I've never gotten as much replay value out of a 4-episode fps as I did from this game. Have played through each at least 10 times in co-op alone, not to mention tons of time in versus mode.

Only game I've bought on PC and 360. I can only guess that someone who didn't get their money's worth out of this has no friends online to play the game with. Any review would have pretty much summed up that the game is 1/10th as much fun with 3 bots.

GOG in the Machine: Duke Nukem 3D, more Apogee on the way {Joystiq}

Feb 27th 2009 10:53AM Gametap's library of games that most people on this site would be interested in isn't 64-bit compatible might be one reason.

I was so bummed when I found that out. :(

id expecting to sign Doom 4 deal 'later this year,' publisher unknown {Joystiq}

Feb 25th 2009 3:03PM It better not have those babies again. Those little bastards made my trigger finger go nuts - and dead space basically brought them back with their little fetusmonsters.

Microsoft on RROD: The worst is behind us {Joystiq}

Feb 17th 2009 11:25AM Mine was 2+ years old when it got the old RROD, but was pretty happy with the speed and way Microsoft took care of it, and it's been okay since.

My buddy, though, just got it on a 15 month old Elite system, he's pretty bummed. I am too, 7/9 people I know who have gotten a 360 have had this happen. That's ridiculous.

Have you Horde? 'Survival' mode to make waves in Left 4 Dead {Joystiq}

Feb 10th 2009 4:56PM Omg, I can buy Fallout 2 on for $7.67!

Why did I ever spend all that money back in the day?