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Scattered Shots: It ain't over till it's over {WoW}

Sep 12th 2008 1:35AM Just because Blizzard failed on pets the first time doesn't warrant my gratefulness that they finally passed. Wait till they get an A in pets then I'll congratulate them.

Before I began playing about a year and a half ago I chose to be Hunter then I loaded the game onto my PC and never looked back. I rolled Hunter and I've hardly played another class since. Hunters seemed a natural fit for me from before my first log in.

When I saw how pet talents worked I was surprised. Here was a great model for talent points already available in terms of class talents and somehow the game designers had overlooked it in creating something similar with pets (Value adding is a basic principal of marketing: packaging a product correctly is a terrific way to add value). Talent points are cool the first time you get to start using them and stay cool for a long time afterwards. I love to customize. I love it. I love it.
I never liked the bizarre and clunky pre-pet talents. I like how they're managed now... will I like how they function, only time will tell.

I'm disappointed that your not able to learn new pet talents from Taming any more, when I finally had all my pet abilities I felt like a truly accomplished Hunter, I felt like it added another level of value to my character. I saw how it added another level of questing content to the Hunter class, which another class type experienced. There's an aura of accomplishment about it which creates an in game hierarchy and so separates dedicated Hunters from alt players. Here lies an opportunity for Blizzard to create content that they're overlooking. Add Value Blizzard.

Goodbye learned talents, what a shame. Perhaps the 51 point BM talent could make rare talents available which could be learned from mobs and unlocked on their pets as well as the current abilities.

Scattered Shots: It ain't over till it's over {WoW}

Sep 12th 2008 1:10AM The problem with Blizzards mana solutions are that they require way to much time and mana themselves.

I think this is how Blizzard pictures it. I'm going into Battle with Aspect of the Hawk, I blow my front end. My target gets within close range as quickly as possible to neutralize my ranged advantage remembering that they're trying to win themselves and I switch to Aspect of the Monkey. Then I use my traps, my short range Scatter Shot (MM) and Wing Clip to get away or to finish them off Hahahaha!. Or I'm low on mana, so I switch to Aspect of the Viper while kiting away to a ranged position from where I'll pop that final Concussive, Arcane, Steady Shot FTW! See how perfectly is meshes together shining light.

Heres the reality; I head into Battle with Aspect of the Viper because I know that without it I'll be below 30% before I hit Melee. ( I also have on Track Hidden I never use the others, since it's rogues and stealthed Druids teammates that I'm really afraid of) Bladefist's Breadth, Hunter's Mark, Aimed, Auto, Arcane, Concussive, Auto, Steady, Steady, fires off my opening macros. Aimed reduces healing and adds that extra damage, Arcane for the burst (getting the jump on an anticipated cooldown), Concussive to slow their inevitable approach, which adds a bonus to my x2 Steady Shots because the targets stunned, so long as lag doesn't effect the timing of the second Shot too badly, this will opening will put them below 50% health.

Now they're within Melee range running circles around me trying their best to win, so I Scatter Shot, but they break it because they know it's coming, or they ignore it and LOL at me. I try to run but I've been slowed somehow. I drop a Freezing Trap combined Feign Death macro. Because that trap needs 2 seconds to arm and I need to break target before they unload that first big assualt. This buys me time but a simple click or auto target has me back in their sights, I'm running now but I'm not going anywhere fast. I spam for Silencing Shot and don't even notice that I'm out of mana because I'm trying to figure out how to get them back below 50% health, since they just spammed healed or potted.
Desperately I change to Aspect of the Monkey... It's a me-or-you-buddy last resort move on my part with a lovely GCD to boot, it's now my bare back empty mana pool and global cooldowns against whatever it is you use to finish me off. Go Pet!

Remember I'm not fighting a pin cushion, my opponents know me and they're using they're best spells precisely when they need to, just as I have done. They know what I'm capable of, just as I know what they're capable of, that's why I need to kill them before they heal, DoT, stun lock, Charge or Bash me into Melee ranged combat. Melee, stuns and enemy heals equal game over noobster. After they've healed I just don't have the mana let alone the timing opportunity to damage them that well again. And so what if I did, what didn't work the first time will hardly fair better the second.

Scattered Shots: It ain't over till it's over {WoW}

Sep 12th 2008 12:31AM Awesome, there's hope in that.

Things don't look pretty for PvP Hunters in 8926 {WoW}

Sep 12th 2008 12:20AM THAT'S AWESOME!!

Things don't look pretty for PvP Hunters in 8926 {WoW}

Sep 11th 2008 10:50AM I just want my Hunter to work like a Hunter instead of an unarmed warrior. Warlocks go ranged, Mages go ranged, Druids and Shamans ... ranged. It's not as though Hunters are the only birds the skies. The difference is in Melee combat where we eat dirt. Druids still perform here, Warlocks still dot, Shaman totems still produce fireballs. Hunters get stunned running out of their own Frost Trap or away from their own Wing Clip and then they're consumed, eaten alive so to speak. Chasing players around poles at close range, how desperate have things become.

How about we get Darkspine Net ability, a Harpoon Shot or Cowboy's lasso.

Things don't look pretty for PvP Hunters in 8926 {WoW}

Sep 11th 2008 8:37AM I feel like I'm playing an algebra equation. If I balance the sum correctly, time the cast of each Serpent Sting perfectly, dodge each rogue precisely, feign on every druid, switch Aspects and prioritize my global cool down stack, I'll live long enough in Melee to receive an extra 'lol' before I hit the graveyard.

There needs to be a severe paradigm shift within the outlook of Blizzards design team. There's a fundamental class misperception at the moment. There's a Role Playing problem here that the teams busy solving with calculus.

Go back to your Wow guide book and read the Hunter introduction and ask yourselves, when was the last time you felt like you were playing a Hunter. A woodsman, rather than a witch.

Not to be rude but when you wrote that you were balancing the class were you meaning balancing evenly between Melee DPS and Ranged DPS? And if so will we be getting plate options?

Why are we so focused on DOT's now. I want to play the hunter, not watch Warlock Dots. I want a physical experience, I want to feel like I'm winning or fairly loosing by the skin of my teeth, that I only just out maneuvered my opponent or only just lost. Disengage was a good start but .... puff. Give us shot which functions like Disengage at short range, a Scatter Shot which knocks us both back, daze us even, bring back some of the excitement.

Hunters shouldn't be as complicated as they're becoming, the macros and key binding is overwhelming enough already. I can't keep up with all the random DOT related effects that might or might not do anything to a something; I might or might not need to do anything about.

Mages are splitting themselves in quarters and we have a random shot which does something random to a random buff. Isn't that more like what a Mage, Warlock or Priest would care about, or even a Shaman, Druid or Paladin.

I think that they're so afraid we'll OP that they've given us a whole bunch of mixed up stuff, none of which can put us over the line on it's own after the bag-o-tricks been emptied.
Staying true to the adage, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. I feel like a I'm solving a rotational rubic cube going into combat, only some kid has switched a couple of the coloured squares around and placed them on my Tranquilizing shot, why? I'm not a debuff class, random removal on Arcane Shot was icing on the cake, take it or leave it 'whatever', but I'll never cycle Tranquilizing Shot, what a waste of precious mana, I'll Arcane again instead.

Enough with the numbers and percentages and mana costs at Blizzard, you've lost sight of the forest and your measuring all the trees. We don't need a lot of damage short range, we don't even need excessive damage at long range, what we need is an exciting chance at winning the fight. To be exciting there only needs to be reasonable hope.

Let us leave the other classes alone, we're not disruption, let them keep casting.

Scatter Shot, the new Disengage and Silencing Shot offer three disruption, exactly enough, that's one chance at each effect each fight. Frost Trap and Wing Clip were fair they allowed our opponents to keep casting but we got a chance at winning too cause we could get back to a ranged position. The problems we encountered came later.

Vanish, Shadowstep, Bash, Druid Knockdowns, massive Resistance buffs which don't apply to our pets by the way and Line of Sight issues.

Track Hidden could so easily solve Vanish if it did Track Hidden.
The new Disengage will no doubt neutralize Shadowstep somewhat without swinging the fight, so long as it's not nerfed to death.

Master's call could have kept up our hopes up buts that's been cancelled. Explain how it helps us now.

A Short-Range-Disengage-Shot would help against life-never-ending Druids and Paladins who Melee us to death. A second chance at a ranged attack before a second serving of Melee damage might balance the odds against the tank classes.

The problems not that our range weapons suck, Arcane Shot was cool and Concussive Shot aids Steady Shot nicely. It's that we use them once at the beginning of the encounter before we die in a Melee showdown.

Make your pet shine! {WoW}

Sep 7th 2008 10:03PM I look forward to when these items work on Hunter/Warlock Pets too. I'd love to give my combat pet a shiny cloak or a studded collar.

Scattered Shots: Suggestion Box {WoW}

Sep 5th 2008 5:42AM I think that macros takes care of most UI issues and improves your game play, plus it's highly recommended for PVP by the best arena players. The new server side Macro save completes this option.

Combining (Active/Useful) spells would be a shame in some instances. Besides the new spell effects look great for example, Disengage, Freezing Trap, etc.
Improving spell effects is a much better solution than mashing effects together, which diminishes the overall range of spells and their particular speciality. Combining them shares similarities in sorts with the down-ranking nerf to come, which will limit Hunter choices too.

In cases where one of the abilities is totally passive and situational -for example Hunter's Mark + Beast Lore - there is a definite advantage to combining the spells effects. Since Beast Lore is a passive, non-combat, rare-situational ability it goes unused nearly 99% of the time, the combination would be better suited. As well you can completely get by without ever using Beast Lore, trial and error style, through persistently testing Tame Beast on creatures until it succeeds. Besides Petopia -Now honoured by Blizzard- tells you clearly which beasts are tameable and links you to pinned, map images specifying their position(s). So combining Beast Lore with Hunter's Mark would certainly free up space and create room for another active ability, one which would be more useful more of the time.

Pet leveling looks fine now, as do pet talent trees which totally sucked before. In some past cases you'd be left with a single unusable point.... lol what! and you'd be back to the retrain your pet each time it's loyalty level improved which was pointlessly inconvenient.

Additionally although I'm MM not BM the +4 pet talent points working as a 51 point talent for BM is abysmal.

Colour Coding Hunter's Mark is a fantastic idea.

How about an Improved Tracking system as well which placed a small marker above the heads of creatures or NPC's being tracked. This might make the effect worthwhile.
Currently I only use one tracking ability, Track Hidden, which coincidently does not actually track hidden at all but instead slightly improves my ability to see stealthed players on screen, usually as they're launching their attack.
Furthermore, in my opinion, Tracking is fairly unuseable since your forced to squint at the miniature sized mini-map to orient yourself and spot the locations of targets. Perhaps a marker which showed on the larger (M) map would also be helpful.
To properly track something go to search for the name(s) of the appropriate creature(s) and view the attached pinned, map images this will show you their locations... any class can do that and it works just as effectively.

Scattered Shots: Do Hunters need Camouflage? {WoW}

Jun 26th 2008 10:44PM Hi i'm a 70 hunter, adding Camouflage seems off of the rails to me, have they gone mad. Heres an idea to give Hunters a fair go... have Track Hidden track hidden!!!! Make the ability that we already have WORK!!! that's really what we need, Rogues and Druids are usually our biggest threats. Track Hidden which actually functioned wouldn't change that entirely so no OP problem but it would certainly even the playing field especially for Survival MM spec.