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Spiritual Guidance: The new age raiding Holy Priest {WoW}

Jul 21st 2008 3:51AM I still get the feeling that the developers don't know what to do with the Discipline tree. It is sort of a Miscellaneous tree or a Holy2 tree.

If you want to really focus on single target healing, all the good Disc talents are so far up the Disc tree that you can't get most of synergistic holy talents.

Survivability talents are spread between the two trees.

There is no focus. It is as if they are saying "here is a healing tree, and here is another different healing tree. We want both to be good for PVE and PVP".

We'd be better off with a clear PVE tree and a clear PVP tree. Just moving talents around and changing the order of things in the tree would be biggest thing they could do.

If they really want Disc priests to be viable in PVE, just keep Grace there. That one talent is more than enough to justify a Disc priest in any raid.

Blood Sport: Yup, still broken {WoW}

Jul 4th 2008 1:46PM The idea of leagues is a good idea. A good model could be the English Premier league in soccer. Lets say you are above 2000 in Season 3, then you get bumped up to the Premier league. Everyone in the Premier league can buy the Season 4 gear immediately. Everyone would have the exact same gear at the start of the season.

At the end of season four, some teams from the AAA leage (1800-1999 ranking) would move up to the Premier league and some from the Premier league would move down.

In Season five, The Premiers league gets the season 5 gear, the AAA league gets the season 4 gear, the AA leage gets the season 3 gear, etc.

At the launch of the expansion, you have a 1-2 month pre season where everyone fights everyone using whatever gear you can craft or get from raids/quests/heroics/BGs.

Another way to distribute loot would be a class ladder. If things are unbalanced (and they always will be), and every team has a rogue, then make the rogues compete with other rogues. Only the top X get shoulders. That would mean a very small percentages of rogues, but a high percentage of paladins. If you want to have a better chance of getting gear, play a class which isn't as well represented.

WWI '08 Panel: Priest {WoW}

Jun 28th 2008 10:38PM I'd like to see some sort of improved survivability in the Disc tree. This could be in the form of fixing Inner Fire or letting priests use a shield with their 61 point Disc talent.

That and perhaps some improve way to counter/resist stuns.

Breakfast topic: Future heroic classes {WoW}

Jun 27th 2008 8:38AM I think monk FD makes more sense that hunter FD. It originally came from the EQ monk class. It has to do with control over your body. Reducing your heart beat, etc.

From a lore perspective, I'd also look to the Bene Gesserit from the Dune books. They had total control over their body. They couldn't be poisoned or get diseases. Likewise, they could store diseases and give them to others (which is how Barron Harkkonen became fat). They could have disease based attacks, like rogues use poison. Disease is really unused as a game mechanic.

Breakfast topic: Future heroic classes {WoW}

Jun 27th 2008 8:14AM Monk

Armor: Cloth
Weapons: Fist and 2H Staff
Key Stats: Agility and Spirit
Power Par: Chi

Monk would have low AC but high dodge and avoidance. They wouldn't get hit much, but would get hit hard.

They'd have various special attacks using their Chi power, which would be based on their spirit. These could include Quivering Palm, Flying Kick, Roundhouse Kick, Dragon Punch, etc.

They would have limited self healing abilities, including the ability to cure poison and disease on their selves, and some physical effects (bleed, gouge, etc). They would also have a personal pally like aura for fire and frost resistance (but not shadow, arcane or nature).

They could use bows and throwing weapons in their ranged slot, but not guns or xbows. Their ranged damage would be better than rogues or warriors, but below hunters.

A cc ability would be nerve pinch, which would stun an opponent.

They would get a feign death ability.