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Hunter changes in beta 8962 {WoW}

Sep 19th 2008 5:27PM It's worth noting that as it stands shooting any other special shot also regenerates mana, and few hunters actually shoot at weapon speed (quiver hastes you 15% default) so a 3.0 speed gun regens 6% mana per shot but lets you shoot every 2.55 sec (with no other haste present.) Also that means you're gaining some mana on steady shot (6% base mana cost +6% total mana gained on shot) assuming you have any intellect you're doing quite well for yourself. You could use a slower gun, but nothing seems to suggest that's a good idea.

The bloat {WoW}

Aug 6th 2008 7:24PM I like the idea of having too many talents to take. I really begin to think of it as bloat when there are several talents you don't feel like taking, but have to, in order to get to the worthwhile talents in lower tiers. The hunter SV tree feels this way a little, but many of those talents fit the ideal of survival so to me it's quite bearable.

Scattered Shots: Beastmastery in Wrath of the Lich King {WoW}

Jul 26th 2008 9:01PM I think my personal preference for aspect master would be a passive bonus to all aspects available in any aspect. for example the 50% bonus to aspect of the hawk is still active even when in Aspect of the viper. The 10% mana regen from viper is active while in Monkey. I would like to see the bonus also apply in the current manner as well though. Then it might be more worthwhile.

Wrath Hunter Talent Analysis, Part I: Marksmanship {WoW}

Jul 23rd 2008 5:30PM Maybe it's the survival hunter in me, but I feel that Explosive shot fits in pretty well with the idea of utility. I'm not sure that it's necessary for anyone to have another AoE spell for hunters, (though Explosive trap and volley are somewhat lacking) because we're generally not a multi target sort of class. Allowing us a semi-spamable AoE adds to our utility and therefor makes sense in survival.

I think the argument for putting it in marksman is because it is better than chimera Shot. Recently, in my experience, the PvP tree for hunters is MM with a smattering of other stuff (silencing shot is nice to bring to arenas.) Giving us the ability to speed up a stings effect on someone seems right in line with arena. I think it could, and should, be a better talent that will make people want to spec MM for more than just arenas, but the only 51 point talent people seem to care about is Explosive shot anyways so maybe they need to rethink what hunters care about in high end talenting.

Reader UI of the Week: Osullavan of Eldre'Thalas {WoW}

Jul 15th 2008 12:35AM I'm pretty sure that he's using IceHud for those, and they work with energy, rage, and mana. Energy gets a timer to tell you when you get the next tick of 20. It works for druids and continues to show you your current mana while in forms.

Arcane Brilliance: Why Frostfire Bolt could change everything {WoW}

Jul 12th 2008 4:29PM I enjoyed both articles. I think the reason for the flak from last weeks article was because it seemed that you wanted the mage to be the best damage class in all situations (thus negating the need for many other classes.) The problem is that when people write negative things they are often looked at as an attack on everything you are not complaining about.

As for frostfire bolt being and frost and fire spell once the wrath release hits, I hope that's true, as long as they make it so that there's some significant disadvantage for making yourself a walking one-click monster. And not getting good 41 and 51 point talents is good enough of a punishment for me.

WWI '08 Panel: Hunters {WoW}

Jun 28th 2008 2:40PM Not to detract from what you're trying to say, but hunter shot timings are a little more closely matched. Our top end weapons generally have a 2.9-3.1 attack speed, and we also have the 15% haste effect of our ammo pouch/quiver, and whatever on our gear. After all that is done, we don't only have to get our cast off before our next attack, we have to stop .5 seconds before our next auto shot would fire off because that's the cast time on the auto shot.