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WWI '08 Panel: Hunters {WoW}

Jun 29th 2008 6:18PM @JRB

What many are missing is that it's _not_ just about making shot rotations easier.

This change will make it so that appearant dps upgrades are actual dps upgrades. For example the best dps weapon in the game (up until the parrot of relentless strike badge x-bow) dropped from Fel Reaver, the second best from the wolf in KZ.

Even the Illidan bow wasn't as good at them.

Secondly, it's _not_ enough to "just put in a shot timer" as implied. At the moment hunters _require_ a macro (the famous /cast /cast 3:2 shot macro) to do maximum dps. This takes advantage of the server-clientside communication and is impossible to do manually.

And as other have mentioned, hunters shot rotation is hugely affected by things like latency and personal reaction.

This isn't "dumbing" down, this is fixing something that has been an obvious flaw with the class for a long time, and which the class has tried it self to adapt it self to.

There will be enough to consider even without it, how to weave in shot's that's on CD with as little as possible downtime, how to manage mana around using multi/arcane/other in your shot rotation etc.