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WWI '08 Panel: Hunters {WoW}

Jun 29th 2008 9:28PM With regards to the Pet talent tree I don't think alot of people realise that depending on which way you go it will nerf your DPS (as mentioned by the previous poster). Everyone has been talking about pets tanking instances etc but do you honestly believe that this won't come with a hit in the DPS side pocket for the hunter? Where the DPS tree will obviously be an increase. Swings and roundabouts guys. Blizz always give with one hand and take with the other. Balancing a pet to combine with your own DPS is going to take a hell of alot of effort. You'll probably spend most of you time down at the pet trainer getting ready to respec depending on what peole need for instances and raids.

Personally I'd prefer to see a revamp of the stable system to increase the number of pets available to the hunter. Do the same as a guild bank and charge extra for addtional slots. Allow you pets to learn off each other while stabled.