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WoW Insider Show live tomorrow afternoon {WoW}

Oct 27th 2008 12:10AM Quote from Mr. Schramm last week:

"And fyi, this is the only week you'll have to wait. Usually, the show will likely show up on the feed every Sunday, just like it used to with WoW Radio. We needed some extra time to set things up this week, but usually, if you're subscribed, you'll get the show earlier."

Or not. Good work on such a smooth transition [sarcasm].

WoW Insider Show live tomorrow afternoon {WoW}

Oct 26th 2008 11:01PM Mike, can you please quit assuming we can read your mind? What archive? Is the archive on, or on Ustream? Where on the respective page is it located? Is it a link labeled "archive" or is it under RSS or where? Give specific directions on how to navigate to this mystery download of the mp3. It is obvious that multiple people can't figure out where the heck we are supposed to get. This is quickly becoming not worth the effort to try to track down a copy of the show every week.

WoW Insider Show goes live on Ustream tomorrow {WoW}

Oct 18th 2008 1:53PM I don't care if TB plays it nice, this is a classless move Schramm. The show wouldn't exist without WoW Radio, and frankly, Turpster brings the best part of the show. You are lucky he's gonna hang around for a little while.

Authenticator on sale at the Blizzard Store {WoW}

Jun 30th 2008 8:20AM Waaaah! Stupid website is broken! It won't let me select a shipping method and thinks my address is a military address.