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"We're going to need a montage." {WoW}

Jul 1st 2008 6:47PM I'm going to disagree with the general ebb and flow of the comments on this page and say that the gear barrier isn't what's making you lose. S2 gear may take awhile to get, but having it isn't going to guarantee victories. Not having it will probably guarantee a loss, however. And furthermore, with the right knowhow and gear, arena CAN be great fun.

All in all, the difference between a piece of S3 gear and a piece of S4 gear, while apparent, aren't gamebreaking. They present a new piece of gear to work for, but they won't decide a match unless the match is already really close. I doubt it is in most scenarios.

Get S2 gear through the grind, and try to make it educational and fun for yourself. Then learn the strategies, and practice, practice, practice. Learn when to CC what. Learn when to blow your trinket and when to hold it.

I recommend Lots of strategies can be found there. But it's all in the execution. Just like downing a new raid boss, it takes a few wipes to get the satisfying success.