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Details of Blizzard presence at Comic Con {WoW}

Jul 11th 2009 12:37PM I'm going to comiccon this year, but only for friday.

Win a closed beta key for Global Agenda! {Massively}

Jul 9th 2009 4:55PM I'm posting!

Stealth detection items nerfed {WoW}

May 14th 2009 8:04PM Do these stealth detection nerfs include the human passive racial. I hope so...when a same level human can see a rogue with points in increased stealth and the enchant for it...and all they have is that racial....that's wrong.

The Daily Grind: Is phasing the new instancing? {Massively}

Feb 24th 2009 12:40PM Believe it or not people of all ages play wow not just 12 year olds. Everyone in my office plays and I know one person's grandma plays even. The people that are the most outspoken of course are younger players, but that's true in real life as well. Kids are loud. If you can't handle them then don't play an mmo?

As for phasing I feel its a good way to add some more immersion to the game. I had not read anything about the wrath gate event before it happened to me and I was blown away. They did a really great job and I hope more like it shows up in mmos.

Arena players say they can't compete with Death Knights {WoW}

Feb 20th 2009 3:41PM Having only played my rogue to 77 so far I can't vouch for arena play but in bg's and world pvp I'd say I win most fights vs a DK. Some can really stomp me though but its a precious few that actually know how to play the class as opposed to just playing it because its new. The class is very powerful, maybe a bit too powerful, as I can see if someone knows how to play it (like I would assume in the arena they would) they will easily beat people.

Everyone always complains other classes are OP, but in the case of the DK I think that maybe they need some adjusting still to bring them in line with other classes a bit more.

The Daily Grind: Blizzard's next MMO? {Massively}

Feb 20th 2009 12:32PM If it was a sc2 mmo who's to say it'd be just wow in space? Blizzard isn't exactly a one trick pony. They could go the way of huxley and try to make it more fps/skill based. Just a thought. Also they've implimented vehicles recently in wow and in starcraft you use vehicles...maybe a stretch but maybe a stab at seeing how the mechanic works. You can always take that code and apply it to a sc2 mmo and polish it.

The fine print of a Fallout MMO {Massively}

Nov 7th 2008 1:39PM A fallout mmo would be interesting considering, as far as I know, it'd be the first to be set in a futuristic version of our own world. Fallout 3 takes place in DC! To make an mmo you'd have to have many other real life locals. That'd be tough I think. Would you jump from map to map for certain cities? It couldn't be seemless in the way blizzard did wow for travel.

The Daily Grind: do traps and puzzles make content more fun? {Massively}

Aug 25th 2008 8:34AM The problem is people view leveling as a grind. Its a means to an end. Not an experience in it self. Even though puzzles and pitfalls could be a lot of fun I think most people would just get annoyed.

Massively's state of the game: Warhammer Online beta {Massively}

Aug 20th 2008 2:58PM I liked the beta. I agree the combat was clunky in a way. Also I loved the idea of the tome and all the info but I wish there was voice over for it least for the story when you enter a new area. I liked it but at the same time I didn't want sit and read instead of playing.

Blood Pact: Badge loot shopping! {WoW}

Mar 25th 2008 10:06AM Amelas is right I think a lot of people forgot you can't just rush out today and gobble up badge loot. Personally I'm no where close to getting the dagger yet, which is what I have my eyes on (only 100 badges to go... *sigh*).