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Breakfast Topic: Planning for the beta {WoW}

Jul 25th 2008 9:30AM Here's what I did when I got in:

Created my DK. Completed the DK newbie zone. I'll probably level my DK a little bit on the side, just to keep getting a feel for the talents--since I'm unholy spec now.

Signed in my hunter. Checked out all my achievements and figured out which ones I should work on before Wrath goes live (like rep grinds). Then I took her on the zep over to Northrend. Stood there in awe for several minutes just taking everything in. Haven't signed her back in yet--will probably push her to 80 tho. She's currently 51/10/0--so I have 5 more points to put into Marks and 5 into Surv. I'll level her to 80 just to see all the changes made to the class.

Let me put it this way--the DK starting zone is just so incredible that I completely lost track of time and got a heck of a lot less sleep than I originally planned on getting--so it's going to be a lot of coffee to get me through today, so I can continue my beta playing. The game is so truly epic that it's hard to describe. You're basically breathless as you take everything in.

Hunter pet aggro may be fixed in Wrath {WoW}

Jul 24th 2008 11:38AM I haven't tested out my pet yet in Beta--I'll probably split some time between questing on her and working on my DK. I'm really excited about this fix--but it was a great way for my hunter to level weapon skills in BC. ;)

Wrath Collector's Ed pet: Frosty the Frost Wyrm whelp {WoW}

Jul 24th 2008 11:35AM I so want a baby murloc too :( They are sooo damn cute! How come the europeans (and BlizzCon '05ers) get all the cute murloc pets :(

Breakfast Topic: WoW-related merchandise and spin-offs {WoW}

Jul 24th 2008 11:32AM My WoW collection has taken over a soon-to-be guest bedroom on the top floor of my house (my former office).

Not only does it contain 3 CE boxes, but my framed BlizzCon '07 poster, almost all of the current WoW Action Figures released (I have all of them, including the needs-to-be-punted gnome, from the most recent series), and even a Tauren Shaman one from a waay old series that my husband ordered off eBay.

I routinely rotate my WoW clothing through my wardrobe--I've got /dance, Murloco's Tacos, the Limited Edition BE tee, L70ETC, BlizzCon, Wrath, Hunter class, For the Horde!, and a BC shirt (I think that's it). My husband has the Limited Edition BE shirt, Pally Class, For the Horde!, the BC Shirt, L70ETC, Wrath, and BlizzCon shirts. I'm glad we both work tech jobs and can wear them into work, lol.

Not to mention our Pally/Hunter/Hearthstone keychains, the Horde sticker on my SUV, and I used to have the Horde license plate frame from BlizzCon, but it snapped off one day :(

Not to mention about 800+ TCG cards, several Footsteps of Illidan loot cards, the Pet Biscuit Card, and 2 Spectral Tiger mount cards. Oh...and the comics...and the books...and the TCG art book (and the giant Horde TCG art cards from BlizzCon)...the atlas...all the BlizzCon swag bag stuff...AND...I can't forget these little guys: my baby murloc collection :>

Minus the clothing...all that stuff is in 1 room...good lord that's a lot of stuff....Glad all of it fits nicely onto the bookcase I have in there.

Still need to come up with a license plate...a friend has WNDRDR or something along that line on his car...then there's NERFD, ZOMG, and some other geek ones that my friends have.

Wrath Beta keys sent out to BlizzCon and WWI code holders {WoW}

Jul 23rd 2008 9:35AM Oh heck yea...I got up this morning and was flipping through work email and got a heads up from a coworker in Europe who was in Alpha. He let me know that keys were going out to '07 Blizzconners--so I had to go check my personal email...and there it was in all it's glory!

Let my husband know as well--he got his and we set up our temp accounts...waiting for the Beta DLer to complete on both PCs...

Guess I need to finish the 70 rush push on my pally, my mage, my priest, and my shammy--AND still squeeze in some Beta time...

Achievements officially announced for Wrath {WoW}

Jul 17th 2008 1:58PM Well...I can say that I have successfully got the 10 and 25 vanity pets covered on my main...

This looks like something fun for me! Adds a little bit of spice since I'm not raiding anymore!

Shock and awe in the Arena {WoW}

Jul 2nd 2008 1:55PM @ Randal:

Your comments negate it being "perfectly fine and legal" with this one statement:

"[...] allowed me to control my 3 shaman buddies from my computer (4 different account holders in 4 different physical locations)"

This is in violation of ToS. The accounts all need to be owned by the same person. Multi-boxers own their own accounts...whether it be 2, 5, or 10. They don't "borrow" friends' accounts to do their multiboxing on.

The programs are already out there...KeyClone is a prime one, so writing one is unnecessary.

Shock and awe in the Arena {WoW}

Jul 2nd 2008 1:16PM @ beaubot: Considering that I'm a retired raider of end-game content and a former GM--I can interact *just* fine with other people in the game. But after raiding Tier 6 content and being at the mercy of 24 other players, let me know if I'm "out of bounds" with getting tired of relying on other people (sometimes poor players but great people to hang out with) to get through content. Add that to the fact that the current server my alt is on has an ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE Horde population--it's basically the only way I have the ability to get instances done. A quest log full of "instance" quests and no one on the server who actually tries to instance is a PITA.

Considering the fact that I work in the high-end IT market, as well as the majority of my friends, we're techy--discussions about things like multiboxing are interesting conversation for us. We're "do-ers," not "watchers."

I'm not a PvPer, and I think the arenas are a waste of time, so I'm not going to be attempting any of the PvP multi-boxing. Once again, someone else's interest, and I won't belittle them for how they choose to get their enjoyment out of the game.

I do find it rather amusing at how many people can get their panties in a twist over someone else's hobby. You all remind me of that nosy neighbor who watches people out her windows and is the first one to report something/someone to the police/HOA/fill-in-the-blank. You're unhappy, so by whatever-you-believe-in everyone else should be unhappy too!