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Arcane Brilliance: How to fix Mages {WoW}

Jul 5th 2008 3:03PM As a mage, I wouldnt necessiarily say mages are as broken as you are making them to be. Im in end game raiding (BT/Hyjal/Sunwell) and there really isnt a overwhelming gap between mages and other dps classes. Sure im not gaurenteed top dps spot but its definatly reachable. I think the problem is that mages have to go to such extreme lengths to get that high of dps when it is simpily alot easier for other classes to do just as high dps. Mages ARE the class with lowest survivablity ( you cant argue with that, and no iceblock is on a 5 minute cooldown and keeps us from dpsing), why shouldnt we be garuenteed a certain level of dps? And when people say "L2PLAY" , these people have never played a mage, there are mathematical limits. And blizzard plz plz plz do not make us the kings of AoE, no mage wants that if it gimps our single target dps. I dont feel like we are broken just feel like our learning curve is alot higher when compared to to other classes which is why you see some many bad mages, and why mages complain alot. But i do feel like we are losing are uniqiness(sp). When mages say they dont bring anything to a raid, they are talking about what we bring to BOSS FIGHTS, which boilies down to arcane brilliance. Food tables, sheep, and ports are all non-boss fight buffs. Locks are getting a "blink" now , one of our few abilites other classes didnt have and they gave it to locks. I understand that they are cloth and need escape mechanics but dont give them blink its OUR spell. If our only in-combat buff boils down to arcane brilliance, our damage should be damn good. And like the article said, when people picked a mage as their class they didnt sign up for sheep bots, vending machines, and taxies. We signed up for damage, and thats what I expect, or blizzard needs to chain the class description at the loading screen.