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Warsong Gulch revisited {WoW}

Feb 11th 2009 6:30PM Healing and defenses have become far too powerful for Warsong Gulch to be fun on my server anymore.
Standard practice for alliance around here is all about a protection paladin or warrior running flag and 4 healers on them, with 2-3 dps classes just making sure the healers don't die.
The debuff doesn't even matter, as the -Prot- classes can take double damage and still survive 3 people on them easily.

The Art of War(craft): The pointlessness of PvP in early Wrath {WoW}

Dec 8th 2008 4:41PM Shibumi, so to fix the pvp problem for now we should...
pve more?
I have 3 70s, my main 80, and I'm bored as @#^!.
End of story, blizzard fucked pvp'ers.

The Art of War(craft): The pointlessness of PvP in early Wrath {WoW}

Dec 8th 2008 3:53PM Alot of comments here from a whole bunch of ignorant PVE only players.
This is a pvp column. Read it, great. Comment on it as a person ignorant to the play of a hardcore pvp'er, and DIAF. (google it. I dare you.)
I agree. I'm mad as hell that blizzard has (for lack of a better term) has told pvp based players they don't want them.
At least not for now.
The only thing wintergrasp is good for now is farming crafting materials.
F you blizzard, for Massively fucking up pvp in WoTLK.
-Reygle, Greymane.

GotGame tries to bring a browser and social networking inside Azeroth {WoW}

Oct 2nd 2008 12:36PM No need to alt+tab = faster
Doesnt hurt that it's gorgeous..

Arcane Brilliance: How to fix Mages {WoW}

Jul 5th 2008 5:56PM Are you kidding me?
I come here all the time to read *logical* articles on wow related stuff..
But this is pure unadulterated nonsense.
You accepted your "wet paper towel" defenses early on, and NOW you want blizzard to redo the class so you don't have to bother to read your f*cking spellbook.