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The Dos and Don'ts of getting a port {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2008 2:23PM I wish Blizz would expand the maximum names for the ignore list. Granted since swapping to horde it's no longer full but I'd still like the option...

I laughed my ass off about porting rude people to random locations. It makes me want to start a mage just to random port rude jerks as far as possible from where they want to go. Is there a mage moonglade port? That would be teh awesome!

Lichborne: Howling Blast and other patch 3.0.8 follies {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2008 9:56AM Howling blast is already the hotness, the removal of the cooldown is going to make it insane. A frost/blood build has been my favorite so far for PvP and PvE due to the mix of survivability and dps potential. I think too many DKs get bogged down in the "unholy is the only real dps build." Using the same basic howling bast rotation you outlined above for pve encounters I can consistently stay as #1 or #2 for dps and total damage unless grouped with someone who has significantly better gear. That includes unholy DK builds as I did a run last night with an unholy wearing 3 or 4 more dps epics than me and only lagged the "zomg total DK dps build" by about 2% and had a lot more survivability and raid buffs to contribute to the group.

Give frost a look if you havent already, if your not tanking then just skip the tanking options and go for the DPS flavored ones. For single targets obliterate is mucho fun and with multi-mobs lay the howling blast smackdown upon them. Good times.

Lichborne: A Death Knight statistics primer, part II {WoW}

Dec 8th 2008 7:53PM Great article, very helpful. I've been wondering about this the last few days and your article +the comments have helped a lot.

Mucho Nachos!

: )

That sinking sensation {WoW}

Nov 22nd 2008 10:35AM Gratz on winning the "missing the point" achievement for the last 3 posters.

For those of us who object to it we shouldn't be forced to engage in it to play the class. That's crap game design and btw feel free to say wether you think rape should be added to the quest lines or not. It's in the same taboo category and golly wouldn't it add to the "mature" them of the DK content?

I worked with a army captain who did 2 tours in Iraq. He joked about abusing detainees c.o.n.s.t.a.n.t.l.y and he had some serious mental issues. For you it's a game, for anyone who's been in the military the last 5 years it's pretty fucking serious and I don't like seeing it trivialized and turned into an entertainment when I log in to relax for a little while. If you think it's a lot of fun then that's between you and your shrink.

That sinking sensation {WoW}

Nov 21st 2008 5:41PM "Jormungandr said...
It's nice to be anti-torture and all. IRL I am anti-torture myself, but seriously, it's a) a video game, and b) world of WARcraft. If you don't expect a cerain amount of that kind of stuff, you should go back to playing Wii Tennis or something"

There are some lines you don't cross, there are some things that shouldn't be "entertainment." Given the fact that the U.S. has lost all credilibity on the issue of torture and after leaving the military over it I'd kind of like to play my favorite videogame without it being thrown in my face the first 15 minutes after starting the new character class. But hey, why not add rape to the quest lines too? That happens in war also so it's fair game right? Why not lose the cartoony graphics and go for photo-realistic violence, it's just make believe. How a society entertains itself says a lot about the society. If you really think it's just for kicks I challenge you to go on a first date with a girl and tell her how much you enjoy playing video games where you get to torture in the game world and enjoy doing cruel things. I bet you're not going to get that 2nd date. If you're a religous person I challenge you to go to whoever your religous lead is (priest, pastor, rabbi) and tell them how much you enjoy torture in video games since you get to indulge in it without actually doing it. I bet 5 bucks they look at you like you've lost your mind. For more fun I challenge you to go on a job interview and when asked what you do for a hobby tell them play video games where i get to pretend like I'm torturing people. Hint, hint you're not going to get that job.

Taboos are taboos for a reason, I don't want them in my videogames and don't want to spend 50 dollars for the choice of engaging in something aberrant or never getting to play new content. As a business practice that comes in the FAIL category for customer satisfaction.

That sinking sensation {WoW}

Nov 21st 2008 5:13PM The problem with the torture quest lines is how close it skirts to going over the line and with DK's in particular that you have no choice in avoiding the New Dawn torture quest if you object to it. I seem to remember it had TPs attached to it and I'm not sure if you could leave the starter zone without completing it so for those of us who don't like those quests we had the choice of never playing the class or doing quest content we don't think is appropriate.

Clearly blizz knows there are some lines you don't cross as I don't remember any quests where you rape anyone, incest, child abuse, etc. So obviously blizz has some lines in the sand, I'm not entirely sure where they got the idea that torture didn't fall into those same taboo categories but one of the recurring themes from the 9 pages of posts on this topic is many people are not comfortable with torture being used as a form of "entertainment" and shouldn't be forced to participate in it if they don't want to.

I opened a ticket with the GMs to complain about it, I encourage everyone else who has a problem with being forced into torture quests, as with the DK starter line, to let them know you're not happy about it. If blizz wants to incorporate more mature themes then they can change there ESRB from "teen" to "mature" and be done with it. (which I doubt they want since part of their revenue comes from family's who play together and preteen audiences)

The Digital Continuum: Player abuse, redemption and revolution {Massively}

Jul 5th 2008 9:13PM Well I guess your wife can keep playing Everquest since she enjoys corpse runs, reverse dinging, forced grouping, and feeling weaker in comparison to mobs every time you level up. As far as death being meaningless in games it may come as a surprise to you that it' and if I want stress I'll go to work and, you know, work.

Sounds like you and your wife are easily amused if a corpse run gives you a sense of accomplishment. Maybe you could also clean the lint filter in your dryer, dig some hair out of your bathtub drain, and get the oil changed in your car since menial tasks seem to make you giddy. The fact that you WANT to pay to do some menial tasks for "fun" means you should come to my house and pay me and I'll let you mow my lawn, paint the house, and take out the neighbors trash or something. In the meantime I'll play a game designed to let me unwind from having a real life and not waste my time with poorly implemented game ideas designed to create a false sense of accomplishment from failing. If you really want to punish yourself though you can always smash your thumb with a hammer in RL when you die in a MMO if you really feed the need for more consequences to your actions.