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The Queue: Dances with cats {WoW}

Jan 9th 2011 1:57PM Deathwing's Fall is called that because that's where Deathwing fell... after the war of the ancients, 10,000 years ago. He got his ass kicked and retreated to Deepholm, where he bled all over the place and slowly became what he is now. Deathwing's fall is the spot you see in the opening cinematic, where the cultists are patching him up.

Suffice it to say that he got better.

Making the dungeon finder suck less {WoW}

Jan 5th 2011 11:20AM I like the basic idea of Heilig's suggestion, even if the specific implementation doesn't work.

Another approach would be to force people into the spec that has been selected for them the moment they enter the dungeon or when assigned that role in the dungeon. Queued as healer but questing as dps? as soon as you enter the dungeon you're instantly spec-changed to healer. DPS-ing as ret but after the tank disappears and you want to switch to tank? - select tank as role and when you get reassigned tank you're auto-switched to prot spec.

Obviously this would need to lock out spec changes while in the dungeon, and rechange you if you port out of the dungeon and switch spec there.

Totem Talk: Enhancement and spellpower weapons, a problematic pair {WoW}

Jan 2nd 2011 7:12AM "This is why this data is anecdotal "

No, it's anecdotal because it's your personal experience, regardless of variables. Better would be to say 'This is why the data is *questionable*'. For it to not be anecdotal, requires a controlled study of a large sample of experiments (i.e. raids).

Back to the topic: I remember in BC when I got dissed for wielding a spellpower mainhand on my pally tank - it was the best there was! They got around that nerf with the 'attack power to spell power' mechanic. I'd imagine they'll do something similar to solve this gear priority problem?

Lichborne: Pre-heroic Cataclysm gear for DPS death knights {WoW}

Dec 15th 2010 8:15AM " is green, but..." - What does the color matter? The item color is just an indication of rarity now, there is no impact on stats - all that matters is iLvl.

I had quest green plate pants with the same iLvl as blue pants I got from a dungeon and they had the *exact* same stats, down to the armor amount. The only difference is what they disenchant to, and possibly the repair costs (which means greenies could be cheaper to wear!).

Ofcourse we won't be walking around in greens for long as we get blues and epics from heroics/raids, but the color is completely irrelevant for stats.

The Queue: Not getting distracted {WoW}

Mar 24th 2010 2:33PM GRRM is absolutely awesome.

"Not quite as good as ASoIaF, but still ones that I enjoyed, were Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series. Some people don't like them, and the middle books do lag a bit, but overall I still consider them a favourite as well".
The sword of truth series are the most horrible fantasy books ever written, and that includes the ones from my 13 year old sister-in-law. A 700 page book where the author throws straw man baseless propaganda at your face for over half of them, and doesn't even *try* to actually have any plot does not "lag a bit" - it's so much behind that it defines the word retarded.

I accidentally the whole series. IN THE FACE.

WoW Rookie: What's "move out of the fire" in your language? {WoW}

Mar 11th 2010 1:38PM evestraw: yeah, good job pushing that through babelfish. About half of them are correct, the rest are mistranslations bordering on nonsense.

Goon Squad downs Tirion Fordring {WoW}

Mar 9th 2010 12:49PM Faar,

Assuming you mean you play on European servers when you say "I'm fortunate enough to not just not be on their server; I play on an entirely different continent as well", make a character on Sporeggar-EU, horde side. there's a Goon Squad guild there as well.

I probably wouldn't mind them being on the opposing faction on my server, cause then I could just kill them, but being in the same faction means you have to put up with horrible inane egoes in chat. That is, until you install an 'ignore guild' mod, which lots of people do on my server :D

Cataclysm: Stat and system changes for healing priests {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2010 7:51PM Cataclysm: Stat and system changes for accidentally the whole bottle.

Cataclysm: Stat and system changes for DPS death knights {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2010 10:13AM I see what you did there to counter me applying your own argument on you by ignoring it and flaming me. Very clever.

But to cater to your love of repetition, I'll reiterate what I said before: Retarded RSS spam is still retarded.