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Blizzard wins lawsuit against bot makers {WoW}

Jul 15th 2008 11:38AM wow their rating has gone up quite a bit, I hadn't checked on it for a few months, I apologize for the misinformation maybe they have gotten better, my last experience with their customer service department was less then stellar. thanks for the information

Blizzard wins lawsuit against bot makers {WoW}

Jul 15th 2008 10:02AM An example of 'screwed over' could be. Your account is hacked, and used for botting lets say. Instead of blizzard noting that after 2 years of subscribing and playing from probably the same ISP(S) your acct is all of the sudden being accessed from a completely ISP. Instead of contacting you the customer promptly and directly to ensure that you are still in control of your account they ban the account and then put you into a "investigation" department that you can only contact through email, they will not give you the details of the investigation, nor details of the banning offense at first. If you look up blizzard customer service online they have one of the worst record for a large software/game company. Check out BBB website they have something like a D rating because of poor customer service and difficulty of contact with the correct department. They seem to function from the antithesis end of our current legal system, that being innocent until proven guilty. Blizzard seems to go the opposing route guilty until an extremely exhausting (On your part) trail of proof is deemed acceptable by Blizzard.

On the anonymity point you brought up. The Warden (Blizzards watchdog program) looks at all running programs, it knows what and where you are at all times while in the game. I don't need blizzard nor its sniffing program to know who I bank with, where I work, whether I'm accessing my work computer remotely, if I want to look at porn, if I have a facebook, what my other hobbies are, what research I am doing for my job, what programs I am using from home. NONE of that is Blizzards business, yet its warden accesses and reviews each and every program running in the background or foreground of your computer. You can look up online, an open source program that will allow you to track and see what the Warden is looking at and looked at on your comp. All that information is sent, compiled and stored for a indeterminate amount of time by Blizzard, and we as consumers and customers of theirs can request until we are blue in the face that information, but they will not release it. I really enjoy this game but the down sides as I learn more and more about their incursion into my computer and life weird me out a bit.

Blizzard wins lawsuit against bot makers {WoW}

Jul 15th 2008 9:25AM I was under the impression the TOS and EULA are considered standard form contracts, although in pervasive use today for B2C activities, as far as I have understood they we're difficult to enforce as federal law prohibits the execution and enforcement of a contract between a business and a consumer if the consumer is not allowed or able to negotiate the contract. This ruling to me is extremely scary and lets loose copious amount of new loop holes that can and will be used against consumers, I use the word against as I see no benefit from new abilities that this ruling will give.

As Blizzard and Vivendi become more and more aggressive with their program security I feel less and less interested in playing WOW. We already have the Warden watching anything and everything executed on your computer while you are logged into the game, now we have any execution of any portion of their game code in Ram that is not authorized prior to execution an actual breach of our Countries laws. Extremely scary. For anyone reading this article if you have an opinion either way I pray you really research it and know what you are supporting, I'm a fan of copyright law and the protection of an artist or companies work but limits must be set, and spurious activity by the few does not outweigh the rights of the many. Be more aggressive with your patrolling of your game increase the budget of your support and investigations dept how bout that, yes you might see a 2-3% decrease in quarterly income for the first few Q's of the fiscal year but that kind of customer service will increase your customer base in the long run.

Buying your way through raid content {WoW}

Jul 7th 2008 2:57PM So if I love hotrods and have the knowledge needed to build one but lack the time to build one, I shouldn't have one? It all boils down to money? This is a recreational activity, and if your unable to dedicate yourself to a raid schedule (having been in hardcore guilds since before AQ was open, trust me its a serious time sink. You have to be ready to raid long nights many times during the week and weekend.)

So as a recreational activity, if you enjoy raiding but cannot find your way into a guild to see BT or Sunwell on a regular basis because of work or other life constraints, then by all means help those hardcore raiders, by supplying their repair money or pot/flask money, and get some sweet OMG epics on the way.