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The Queue: Post-Winter Veil recovery {WoW}

Dec 26th 2011 11:44AM @razion Very true. Mentioning it was the only way i could truly show how appreciative I am. It's technically like Alex Ziebart made the donation, making him awesome, not me :P

The Queue: Post-Winter Veil recovery {WoW}

Dec 26th 2011 11:23AM I love when you guys are critical of Blizzard's design decisions. In the WoW online fan site scene, it's so hard to give serious criticism because all the mindless fanboys are so eager to bash you and call you names for providing your own valid opinions and critiques. So thank you for not being afraid to speak your mind. I agree completely, and hope you guys continue to be edgy and not the typical brainwashed BLIZZNEVERDOESWRONG fanboy blog.


The Queue: Civilization {WoW}

Oct 30th 2011 12:48PM I'm pretty sure I could answer these Queue questions with more effort and skill than you. Maybe I should make my own version of the Queue on reddit where I answer the questions you inadequately answered each day.

The Queue: Why Blizzard must deliver today {WoW}

Oct 21st 2011 11:06AM I secretly think it would be super funny if Blizzard initially had no intentions of an expansion announcement at Blizzcon, but due to the overwhelming response to rumors, they threw something together at the last minute, the night before the opening ceremony.

"Oh crap. They are expecting greatness! We have to deliver! Metzen, get the art guys to throw some panda drawing together in MS Paint, I'll bullsh*t the rest." Extemporaneously.

The Queue: Books From Boxes {WoW}

Oct 16th 2011 12:26PM I've noticed that recently the Queue (and other columns) have been getting much more critical and vocal about their distaste for bad design decisions. I also have always noticed that the WoW community here has been, as a whole, very sycophant-ey. Can you explain any of this? Is it an interesting look into the minds of all your writers who all happen to be displeased with Blizz on certain things right now? Or are you guys merely trying to leverage your readership and size in the WoW community to try to affect change in Blizzard policy?

The Queue: Helena Beat {WoW}

Sep 30th 2011 11:42AM Do regular dungeons still drop JP in the PTR?

The Queue: The Underdome {WoW}

Sep 21st 2011 1:20PM The only way to combat the gold sink and account hacking circle is for millionaire players to start giving away their money to the less fortunate. Don't be greedy fucks. donate to those who don't have as much as you do.

Since I started playing, everytime someone asked me for gold, id give them twice the amount and tell them to promise that when they get rich one day, and some noob asks them for gold, that they remember this moment and do the same thing for them that I did. CHarity is not just for the real world!

The Lawbringer: WoW in fiction and the GameStop debacle {WoW}

Sep 9th 2011 4:10PM Don't sweat it. They gave me a free 50$ gift certificate because of that debacle. So I got two games for the price of one because of this debacle. Which salvaged Gamestop, in my opinion. Besides, I personally have no use for an OnLive version of a game I already own on console. For others, this could very well be a dealbreaker.

Tom Chilton suggests Mists of Pandaria "wildly overhyped" {WoW}

Aug 31st 2011 5:04PM I'm really curious too, especially since the patent application listed it (MoP) as a computer game, and not as anything related to a tangible TGC or book. Perhaps they are going to do what Magic TCG did, and create a digital/computer game where you can play the TGC?

The Queue: Nobody likes a braggart {WoW}

Aug 28th 2011 12:09PM Scroll down to the 6th question from the bottom.

We are not planning to add a new Hero class in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. For this expansion, it was more appropriate to focus on the two new races, the goblins and worgen. We never intended to include a Hero class in every expansion. As you saw with death knights, adding a new class changes the dynamics of the game dramatically, which is not something we want to do in every expansion. WE STILL HAVE PLANS TO INTRODUCE NEW HERO CLASSES IN THE FUTURE.