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Forum post of the day: Table plz {WoW}

Jul 9th 2008 2:46AM I *HATE* it when I join a PVP BG and straight away get attacked for "Table" "Mage table pls" "Make with the table magebot". The new naruu ration doesnt cost much and if I am pvp all day thats alot of table's.
Some BG ppl have even sent me tells demanding a table and hurry up.. WTF??
Stop being tight ass's and by food like I buy regents, I dont mind making tables but the more I get nagged the less I make them. Its not your RIGHT to have a table like I understand its not mine to get buffed.
I know it, I understand it, I dont mind it at all.
With the massive cash flow dailies bring, you have no excuses so stop being asshats.