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[1.Local]: The 3 Bears -- too easy, too hard or just right? {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2009 5:51PM Krikey mate! It sounds like you just got stomped by the elusive 51/51/51 DK. Tell me, was this elusive beast a real beauty?

[1.Local]: The 3 Bears -- too easy, too hard or just right? {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2009 5:46PM First off, a Pally complaining about a DK, funny. Ret pallies are bar none the easiest class to play, and the most overpowered. They just run around hitting stun, and then doing thier 2 attacks and judgement. And they have all of 2 heals if need be. Even a retarded monkey could faceroll with that. The only ability that you need to chose between is your forbearance abilities.

DK's on the other hand, have a lot of abilities, but only a few can be used at any given time. DK's are a lot like a game of chess. There are counters to most things, but you have to use them at the right time and properly, and using one generally locks out using other abilities for a bit (rune cooldowns), so to play exceptional in PVP, you really have to be good at managing your cooldowns. Too many people right now have NO CLUE how to fight against a DK, and most people that whine about DK's, complain about the dreaded 51/51/51 spec. The same people that whine how every class that happens to beat them in pvp is OP.

Second of all, reguarding the enchanting comment. Enchanting is a skill used to convert an item into shards. Everyone in the group has an equal right to the drop that boss drops. They can vendor it or whatnot. Its just the matter of if the enchanter is an @sshat or not, and minds pressing 1 button to convert that item into something someone can sell easier. Generally when I run heroics, we end up with 4 shards and an epic shard (no one ever wants gear) everyone gets a shard and 1 lucky person gets the epic shard, everyone wins.

Comparing making shards to comparing getting herbs/ores is retarded. And I have every single tradeskill maxed between my characters, so I have a pretty good idea of whats fair. If theres no herbalist, the herb doesnt get looted, if theres no miner, the ore never gets looted, if theres no enchanter, people still get the item and can still vendor the thing for decent gold. All you're doing is providing a courtesy and increasing that persons item's value by a little bit with just the click of a button.

Maybe buffers should stop providing the courtesy of casting buffs on you groups that require reagents, because it costs them money.

Maybe mages should stop porting the group at the end of the instance because it costs them a reagent.

Maybe the group should have to evenly pay the tanks repair bill for the run, because they are really the only one taking dur hits from being beat on.

Honestly, quit being greedy whiners.....

I'm so glad I dont have to play with greedy people like this. This is the reason people always complain they cant get pugs together. No one wants to group with greedy whiney self-centered bnetties who scream "NERF XXX" whenever they get ganked by any class other than their own.

The Queue: Quest rewards {WoW}

Nov 23rd 2008 7:30PM What helm is that thats being worn in the picture?

Forum post of the day: Table plz {WoW}

Jul 9th 2008 11:00AM I've got news for you buddy. You are not the only person in the game. MMO's are about community. You sound like you should be playing a single player game.

It's this me vs the world mentality that makes the game not fun. I'm willing to bet you are alliance. And alliance wonders why they always lose to horde in BG's... Also, mages are always the biggest QQers in wow. They wonder why no one cares about their woe-is-me problems. Maybe its because they are the whiniest and most greedy class in the game.

As a rogue, I cannot heal myself. Having 1 person put down a mage table can allow me to eat over the course of many games. So when I am solo defending a tower because no one else bothers to defend, and I've just killed a wave of attackers, and see another wave coming on the horizon, that food I eat to get health up fast to hold off more, can mean the difference between win and lose.

We all do things that we dont like to do, for the sake of working as a team. As a rogue, do you think I like checking my mailbox or the AH, and having some random person come up and dropping a lockbox in my trade window, closing the windows that I was in? That person could just grind up tradeskills and make, or buy a seaforium charge or a blacksmith key rather than ask me to open it for them.

Do you think that that warlocks like using up all their shards to summon you healthstones, which only have a few charges in them? I always see many soulwells at the beginning of each BG.

Do you think all warriors like being protection spec so they can tank 5 mans so you can get your mage loot?

Do you think pallies like spamming tons of blessings on everyone?

Do you think priests like dropping out of shadowform to toss you a heal?

Suck it up buddy, buy arcane dusts, do what your class can do that others cant, and help your team win. All those little greed portals that you guys seem to have no problem charging 5g for, take some of that highway robbery profit and use it to buy a few arcane dust. That or maybe blizzard should just take the ability away from you and give it to warlocks.