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Heroics as a fresh 80: Don't be that guy {WoW}

Jan 28th 2009 4:11PM Wow, Kazia. Your numbers are pretty inflated for healers. I started running heroics as a healadin at about 1100 SP and was able to do instances like H-AN and Old Kingdom because my groups had good CC and FF. I have about 1350 SP unbuffed right now, and I can heal most heroic instances, no problem. In most of the raids I've been to, I've been 2nd or 3rd on the healing meter, usually only getting beaten by spam-happy CoH priests (have not raided post 3.0.8), and haven't ran out of mana on any encounter yet. My gear is not optimal by any measure, but your "minimum" numbers are pretty off.

Blood Pact: How the mighty have fallen, 2008 in review part II {WoW}

Dec 31st 2008 10:58PM 1. Rogue didn't lose reagents. They still carry around stacks of poisons. They just didn't have to go through the extra step of making the poisons themselves. IMHO, this comparison was either pretty disingenuous or just ignorant.

2. Much of warlock (and clothy) squishiness comes from the relative lack of comparative resilience gear compared to burst damage potential. From my experiences in 80's PvP, not many classes can survive a coordinated burst period. From the latest blue posts, it does look like blizzard will try to avoid having so much stamina/resilience gear as S3/S4.

3. I do agree that warlocks seem to need an "out", but it would have to be carefully balanced so as not to repeat the same mistake of making them a faceroll class again. You have to realize that if you had the ability to get away from that ganking rogue, that now puts him at a huge disadvantage, as he's all dotted up, unstealthed, cloak probably blown.

Wrath Dailies: Aces High! {WoW}

Dec 18th 2008 4:54PM Not a bad article, but the strat for the daily is wildly inaccurate. There's basically 2 ways of doing this. With either method, you'll want to make sure you only aggro 1 dragon at a time, otherwise you're drake will probably die. I like to hover along the edge of the big platform, get my HoTs rolling to a full stack and 5-combos, pop up to shoot a dragon flying by, and then dive below again.

The other point to remember is that you lose all combo points if you change targets. So if you Revivify yourself x5, you have 5 combo points. If you then target an enemy and shoot a Flame Spike, you'll be back to 1 combo point. Keep that in mind.

Solo: This was illustrated by #4 Taedirk.
1. Start the fight by getting a full stack of Revivifies running and 5 combos. If you were injured from a previous fight, wait for your health to tick back to 100%.
2. Hit Life Burst as right before you pull a dragon.
3. As you're flying to safe spot, refresh Revivify.
4. I like using Flame Spike x2 and then Engulf. This way, you can be sure your Revivify stack doesn't fall off in case of lag or mis-clicking.
5. If your health starts dipping, you can swap in a Life Burst or Flame Shield in place of Engulf.

Dual: The second way is the easiest but requires you to have a partners. Basically one of you is the tank and just does Flame Spike x5, Engulf, repeat. The other is the healer and just keeps the HoT's rolling.

Around Azeroth: Bombs away {WoW}

Dec 15th 2008 4:10PM I think it was an Infected Troll, meaning he would have succumbed to the plague and joined the scourge anyway. So, maybe she was doing him a favor. My impression is that the Ebon Blade is supposed to be the anti-hero archetype, sort of the Punisher to the Argent Crusader's Captain America. I know what you mean, though. Like, she couldn't have just said "this necklace would kill you and turn into the scourge"?

Poor Drakuru, all he needed was a friend.

World of Warcraft PTR 3.0.8 Patch notes {WoW}

Dec 11th 2008 5:33PM Paladin: Woot for AW and more Holy dps!!
Druid: Woot for more armor and kitty swipe!!
Shaman: Woot for renovated Elemental tree & zomg no threat fire nova!!
Warrior: Woot for Titan's Grip!!

Pretty happy with the tree in general. Hunter and DK changes were a long time in coming. I'm assuming previously mentioned DK changes for better Blood tanking will be in this patch too.

Wrath Dailies: Cheese for Glowergold {WoW}

Dec 8th 2008 9:03PM So much cheese, and yet where are the cows?

I, for one, liked this article. Short and sweet, and I didn't know there were wine glasses that spawn in the Dalaran sewers. Not everything on WowInsider has to be hardcore strats or machinima videos.

Name one thing you'd change about your class {WoW}

Dec 8th 2008 9:00PM Holy Paladin -- More dps while soloing. It's just wrong when a discipline priest in a skirt can out-dps a supposed battle-hardened warrior of light.

Elemental Shaman -- AoE dps that doesn't eat up our Totem of Wrath.

Feral Druid -- Block & Parry.

Wrath Dailies: Preparing for the Worst {WoW}

Dec 3rd 2008 6:08PM 1. Wait for an off hour time to do them, not 5pm to 10pm when a lot of people are on and playing.
2. There's a few supply baskets that almost nobody gets. There is one outside of the west wall (right as you are facing it) the main building. Also if you head west, there's a small encampment where there are almost always 2 or 3 supply baskets.
3. If the server is a bit laggy, make sure you don't zip around too fast. The supply baskets can take a while to draw in, and I've had them even respawn on top of one you've just looted. So make sure you keep your camera angle looking around to occasionally scan behind you.

I love doing this quest, as it almost never takes me more than 1 or 2 trips to complete.

Chinese MMO accused of stealing art from World of Warcraft, others {WoW}

Dec 2nd 2008 6:02PM Almost everyone here doesn't understand what constitutes intellectual property and what is artistic fair use. It isn't necessarily about similarities in the art, or which ever company came up with the idea first, nor even which game stole the idea. There's already been plenty of legal precedence that you can *NOT* patent an idea, only a specific process, design, or body of work. So while you can patent your particular system of siege battle, having the idea of siege battles in an MMO is not protected by any type of patent or copyright. What would get a game company in trouble is if it can be demonstrated that they are attempting to mislead or create the illusion of association with a more established or trademarked product. For example, if I made a game with italian plumbers named Nario and Luiji who jumps on turtles and eats mushrooms, I'd probably be guilty of trademark infringement.

The big kicker here, however, is that this is a game sold in China, where trademarks, copyright, and patent law enforcement have been traditionally very lax or non-existent. As anyone who's ever been in China can probably attest, trademark infringement almost happens as a matter of course (you can find Nike, Starbucks, Disney knock-off brands everywhere, and pirated versions of movies & music if you know where to look). It's pretty much the wild wild west out there as far as Intellectual Property is concerned (as any software company that's ever done business there). It's highly doubtful that Blizzard would make any head-way, if they tried, to shut a company like that down. To me, it's not worth the effort. The game is clearly either made for very very old systems (16-bit graphics apparently) or hand-helds, and isn't likely to compete with WoW. If anything, it's free advertisement for them.

Some Paladin changes announced for patch 3.0.4 {WoW}

Nov 26th 2008 1:38PM You're wrong on a few counts. I believe 31-pt Holy talent was Holy Shock, and it didn't heal, and Consecration was a Holy 11-pt talent. Oh, and Seal of the Crusader was bugged to make it pretty much better than every other seal. Paladin tanking was actually one of the best single-target threat generating machines in the game (weird huh?). Most pallies didn't realize that Judgement of Fury gave absurdly high threat for holy damage (something like 140%). So, you'd judge Fury, do seal of righteousness, do fury again, etc. Assuming you had initial threat, and the mob didn't reset aggro, you were rock-solid on holding it. Reckoning and Redoubt proc'ed off crits against you. Fun times!