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EoHs (not) exchangeable for EoVs at 10:1 on the PTR {WoW}

Jan 9th 2009 1:33PM Doesn't make since but that is currently what is showing on the PTR

EoHs (not) exchangeable for EoVs at 10:1 on the PTR {WoW}

Jan 9th 2009 11:08AM This post is wrong the conversion is only 1:1 and its is only to convert a EoV into a EoH. Not sure where he saw 10:1 EoH to EoV.

Weapon Mastery as a single weapon skill stat {WoW}

Sep 4th 2008 1:10PM I found out a few weeks ago leveling cross bow on my hunter that the Servants of Razelikh do die after about 15mins of hitting them. Had to go thru three of them to get from 0 to 350 in one sitting. lol. But that is where I go when ever I need to level my weapon skill and it is utterly a boring and waste of hours of my game play time just to use that epic that I want to use.

Not so much for the Horde {WoW}

Jul 15th 2008 1:21PM I have multiple 70s on both sides. My main was an Horde UD Shadow Priest but the guild I am in stalled in raiding at 5/6 SSC 3/4 TK on Horde side due to lack of quality recruits and poor population on Horde 4 to 1 population difference to alliance. My guild being dual faction switch mains to my Human Pally and am content now raiding BT/MH and progressing smoothly with good recruits for member turn over and burn out. I not sure either side is favorite, I enjoy the lore but I am more in it for raid content and the organization challenge of the raid no matter what side.

Breakfast Topic: Themed names {WoW}

Jul 11th 2008 9:30AM I before the name change process I just used names I found in a Greek/Hebrew dictionary. But after the name change process to help my guildmates out figure who I was I changed my all my toons. I renamed them to relate to my first character and my guild forum name. Ironicly I name Galgotha for "Skull Hill" or "Place of the Skull" nice dark name warrior style I thought, but instead everyone just calls me "Gal" now in guild chat and even on vent. I even get people thinking I am a woman before they hear this male voice on vent say no I am "Gal" lol

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