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Breakfast Topic: Why stay in general chat? {WoW}

Jan 29th 2007 10:13AM I think General chat is more hilarious in Outlands than any of the Starting zones for the same reason someone said earlier.

Here are the lvl 60s, the end gamers. The Players 'newbies' look up too... and they can't even follow basic instructions in a quest log. Can't trouble themselves to think and read the entire description before asking for coordinates or directions on something. And the amount of lvl 60s that need a hand with the most basic quests...

It really makes you wonder who leveled to 60, and who kept bashing their head against the wall til they got through the otherside.

I leave general chat up and will throw out the odd answer or two if I can be brief but I usually don't go out of my way to answer every question.

The naked Night Elf (who does more than dancing for gold) {WoW}

Jan 25th 2007 3:08PM I have an Alliance toon I started and abandoned, mainly cause of player encounters with other Alliance folks I encountered.

I can say that the Alliance starting zones feel more polished and refined, almost... finished. The quest chains are clear cut and usually tightly grouped from round lvl 1-20 from zone to zone. Were most of the Horde areas are more spread out, more traveling, some chains lead to various areas inconviently in the much earlier levels. When each side hits the contested/shared areas I would say most are on par for traveling and chain convience with a few curve balls on either side, but the early levels are pretty quick and convienent. Could that be why most new BE are former Alliance with 35~45ish Mains? I think so, cause that's when it gets tougher.

Now as for Alliance having mainly children, I and no one else will not have concrete proof BUT when a majority of BE players I meet in the starting zone are 14~17 year previous Alliance players who like regular elves over purple ones, it leaves something of an impression. Not to mention behavior of most Alliance players I grouped with and the serious population imbalance of "pretty" race players to the "ugly" race players seems to paint a pretty good picture of more youthful and socially inexperienced players. Again no proof just one guy who's been on both sides of the fence with an opinion. One I think most folks who've played both sides probably have.

Breakfast Topic: When discrimination rears its ugly head {WoW}

Jan 25th 2007 11:58AM Alright, I had the same reaction as about every other Horde player hearing of the expansions "balancing" act. But I waited til BC got here.

I have a BE Paladin, and I expect to get a lot of crap for it, heck my own Brother teases me mercilessly bout it, BUT he still rolled a BE priest. He's just ain't Paladin.

I think after the fuss BE and specifically Paladins will intergrate into the mix rather well after folks get use to seeing them around and hear the lore and story used to put them on the Horde side. But there will be a lot of anti-pally and BE stuff at first... Heck, I'm glad we got the BE and not the squid-faces, cause while the BE are 'pretty' they are some twisted folks. Which makes them our kinda people, plus while pretty at least they don't walk like a cartoon character.

The only thing I hate is the influx of Alliance players to the Horde side through a pretty race. You can usually spot them when they say things like "yeah I have a lvl 39 main" or "lolz watch me dance"... I could do without that part, but that too will take care of itself.

Around Azeroth: Remembering Ragnaros {WoW}

Jan 24th 2007 11:52AM I'm enjoying the new content and yeah now that the Age of the 40 Man has come to an end I think I'll miss it. I wanted to finish a complete set of somethin and now I'm so 'skittle' piece meal it isn't even funny. Blackwing Lair and perhaps Naxx may still offer some fun for those that haven't been but once you go it won't be a steady raid night event as you'll probably not need the gear.

What I want to know is with players reaching lvl 70 on the day of release or mere days after what content is the future of end game content? Is it a re-roll? Hitting 70 and taking a break til the next expansion? Or will the new 25 mans be enough to carry a guild over and over each week? Will large guilds splinter as groups become clique oriented in smaller teams?

So much going on it really challenges the known MMO dynamic and we'll all get to see what comes out the otherside.

Trying to beat in-game spam {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2007 4:48PM I just create Multiple tabs, I have a Raid Tab with appropriate chat settings. A Trade tab with appropriate settings along with a Grind for soloing, Group for group, and All for information over load.

Select the appropriate tab and I'm all set. I also keep the combat log in a seperate window instead of inside the chat

WoW TCG: Prizes, fabulous prizes! {WoW}

Nov 1st 2006 3:28PM They've only done one run of the cards. Meaning what they have is out there, and what is sold out will be sold out for a bit as they have to print a new batch.

I'd imagine that value of the cards in the beginning will be substainal and fall off as production increase for demand. Much like the WoW launch the TCG has had under estimated popularity.

The travails of traveling {WoW}

Oct 31st 2006 8:25AM Flying and travel are in place the way they are due simply to logistics.

Instantenous travel would be a Server nightmare. Mobs of Alliance and Horde porting round in large waves attacking and griefing and then gone in a flash. Server strain alone would cause a system panic I'm sure.

Oblivion is a single player game, UO had a port spell that simply ported you to a pre-assigned area, sure you have more than one choice to 'hearth' to but not all those points where convient, and rarely were inside a city or town (npc city or town anyway).

Soloing in World of Warcraft {WoW}

Oct 27th 2006 8:52AM Endgame content is about time.

If a 40 man raid group runs MC 10 times, they *may* produce a full set of Tier 1 gear for someone, that's an approximate time investment of 40+ hours in most cases for a single player to get a full set of Tier 1.

Now that doesn't count the hours farming for money for Pots or items you need to do some of the boss fights, it doesn't include the scheudling and time invested to put together a 40 man raid group.

I could see them putting in perhaps a set at the half way marks (Tier 0.5, Tier 1.5, Tier 2.5, etc) that you could get perhaps through a long series of quests, time bound item creation and what-not so that the time invested came *somewhat* close to a raiding player then I might find that exceptable... maybe a series that all works off of upgrading in stages your Tier 0 gear cause even a solo player can manage an instance once in a while.

Blizz bulks up beta build Blood Elves {WoW}

Oct 24th 2006 9:53AM Maybe with the change we'll have less 'kidz' come from the Alliance side to the Horde side just to play pretty elves.

I could care less bout the change, blood elves are pretty much like the Undead, as in they aren't part of the horde but lumped in cause for the time being it suits their purposes. I mean you have shamanistic and druid races grouped with black magic and plague brewers... yeah that's a good match.

Breakfast Topic: Biggest Fanboy Moment {WoW}

Oct 6th 2006 8:37AM I believe the worst (possibly life time low) fanboy moment was when I stood at a WoW display setup in a BestBuy and held what I later called a 'seminar' in front of bout 20 kids/teenagers/adults answering random questions and showing off the game with my own characters. I don't work for BestBuy or Blizzard, but as sad as it is, I know I added to their bottom line, and I was actually proud.