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WoW Rookie: Vendor Trash, the Auction House, and You. [Update] {WoW}

Oct 8th 2006 11:10PM I think there are a couple of addons that can help determine whether a white item has a use or just vendor fodder. Haven't been playing for the longest time, though, so I have already forgotten what it's called and have no idea whether it still works.

Picture it: top secret game design manual found in dumpster outside big game publisher's HQ {Joystiq}

Oct 3rd 2006 4:30AM The humor was lost way back with your first graph. Seriously.

BioWare prepares to conquer portable gaming {Joystiq}

Sep 19th 2006 10:01PM *drool*

That is all.

Casual players act hardcore, win loot {Joystiq}

Sep 11th 2006 5:11AM There is at least one X chromosome for every Y. XY, remember? ;)

Stupidly obvious online safety and parenting tips from NCsoft {Joystiq}

Sep 6th 2006 1:50AM *scratch*
I tried the username/password. Why doesn't it work?

Wii Zelda gets some major changes [update 1] {Joystiq}

Aug 21st 2006 12:28PM 10. So basically those of you complaining about PS2 ports to PSP can basically start complaining about all of your ports on the Game Cube 1.5.

PS2->PSP = console to handheld
GC->Wii = console to console

The main reason people diss the PS2 ports for the PSP is because if you want to play a console game in the first place, you ought to play it on a console.

Japanese hardware sales, 7 August - 13 August: fake comments edition {Joystiq}

Aug 19th 2006 10:15AM That is the funniest thing ever. :p

EA responds to Madden NFL 07 concerns {Joystiq}

Aug 17th 2006 11:14PM Uh oh. The days of no-need-to-patch console games are numbered.

Forget about using the GC controller on Zelda Wii {Joystiq}

Aug 16th 2006 8:34PM How exactly is this news? The GC version will use the GC controller while the Wii version will use the Wiimote. Otherwise, why make two versions at all? Duh?

Note to Wii: Don't screw these five things up {Joystiq}

Aug 9th 2006 8:29PM "but ultimately, developers will get tired of working with a system that's fallen behind in terms of specs."

It is already behind as soon as it is released and yet we haev tons of games coming out. How could it fall further behind the just-as-static specs of the 2 other consoles?