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Condom Sense: Trojan Ranks 13 Most Sexually Healthy Colleges {ParentDish}

Oct 11th 2010 7:46AM Actually Monogamy in the animal Kingdom is quite rare. We are the unique species. At least since Christianity has come around, prior to that sex without being married was accepted as a part of life and not a sin.

Miami Mom to Sue Hospital for Performing Unwanted Circumcision on Newborn {ParentDish}

Sep 15th 2010 8:01AM Yay! A mistake was made, now everyone's medical bills will be higher, does she still have a son to take home, will his "unit" still do the job, we'll have to wait and see my guess most likely.

This kind of crap is what makes me mad, sure was the hospital wrong yes, did they admit it yes, now lets see how much this lady will take home for herself and her son that apparently wasn't going to live because he was in intensive care.

Her son was close to dying, now that he is home all she cares about is herself again, without any regard for the staff or the hospital that saved her son's life. It's a flap of skin not his heart, get over and enjoy what you have. Maybe she should get her services at the hospital for free since they made the mistake, but not much after that.

A Baby's Death by Flu Spurs His Parents on to Educate the Masses {ParentDish}

Sep 15th 2010 7:46AM The flu shot it doesn't always work with someones immune system, it has some where in the 90th percentile efficacy(I'm not sure of the exact rate so this is a guess in the ball park). The way the vaccination of an entire population is supposed to work is that the majority of people get vaccinated, there by helping to protect people who cannot get a vaccination or the vaccination doesn't work for them such as the little boy in the story, this is called herd immunity.
Secondly the flu changes from year to year it doesn't get stronger. Some strains tend to become more dangerous when they mutate(which is another way of saying evolve), such as the H1N1 strain from last year. That strain was very close to the same flu that killed millions of people in the 1920's, researcher believed that preventative measures were needed to stop another pandemic like the one 90 years ago. If it did mutate into the flu of the 1920's it would of had a devastating impact on a lot more people.
so please reconsider a flu shot this year, you could save of someone just by being vaccinated, with out ever knowing it. Also ask your doctor about a pertussis vaccination, this could save a child's life.

Lancet Retracts Study Linking Autism and Vaccines {ParentDish}

Feb 4th 2010 7:44AM The process of editorial and peer-review is not perfect, and given the number of papers that are published there is no way to keep dubious, even fraudulent, research from slipping past the goalies(I.E. Doctors and Researchers). But peer-review does not stop when a paper is published – in fact that is when it begins in earnest. So it is common for serious problems with a paper to be discovered only after they are published. It's a shame that the lancet took so long to retract the paper.

It should also be noted that 10 of the original 12 authors retracted their names from the paper due to the abuse that Wakefield committed.

Turning to people such as the one you quoted(generationrescue) is not the answer, they continue to look for the boogie man in the wrong places. Doing this only generates noise that distracts from finding the actual cause of autism. Consider how much time and money was spent on disproving Wakefield, that money could have been spent in a better way.

Even though there has been a mountain of evidence compiled to show Wakefield was wrong you still believe him...why?

Pilot Diverts Plane Over Teen's In-Flight Prayer {ParentDish}

Jan 26th 2010 7:36AM I wonder what the reaction would have been if the teenager put a mat on the aisle way and started kneeling and chanting towards the west. Like Muslims are supposed to do this 5 times a day.

If your on a airplane I'm sure your god will understand you not praying one time. Just sit down and shut up on a airplane, or your likely to get mistaken as a threat and get beat down by the other passengers.

SmackDown: Should Parents Bring Babies Into a Bar? {ParentDish}

Jan 26th 2010 7:30AM It depends on the type of bar, as said by others in other parts of the world a small local pub type place is where everyone gathers to socialize. Where as if you take your kid to a bar that pumps out load crappy music and has lights flashing all night long I wouldn't.

It may look out of place to have a child in a bar, look around your town. I'm sure you all have some kind of chain bar/restaurant that serves up drinks along with all your meals. Such as Chi Chi's, Apple-bees, TGI Friday's. All of those restaurants have a large bar surrounded by some tables and horrible decor. I've can say that I have eaten in some of those places and I have seen drunken morons do stupid things in said bar/restaurants.

The important thing is that as a parent you do what is best for your child and then yourself. If the place your going to serves alcohol, then you have to weigh in your mind if you think that type of environment is the best place for your kid. I'm not going to tell anyone how to raise their children, and I'm certainly going to ask anyone on how to raise my kids either.

In short they're my children let me screw them up how I see fit and you can do screw up your kids your way, now shut up and let me finish my drink.

Levi vs. Bristol: Who's Looking Out For Tripp? {ParentDish}

Jan 14th 2010 7:28AM I would just like to add, to any children that are reading this story or the comments just remember one thing please....

No glove, No love.

If either one of those kids(parents?) would have followed that motto this wouldn't be an issue.

Parents Struggle to Find Inoculated Nannies {ParentDish}

Jan 11th 2010 7:47AM Thank you for the clarification CLM,

Again in response to SKL: As to the point about being completely wrong, yes they are. There have been several studies to which the evidence shows no link between autism and vaccines. I can start citing them if you wish and you can look at data yourself. Never mind the fact that the first study was falsified and doctor who start this debate has had his medical license revoked(Alan Wakefield).

I'm not saying that vaccines have no risks(a very small percentile), I am saying they far outweigh the risks. When is the last time you've heard of a parent worrying about polio(with in the US that is)?

What exactly is your issue with vaccination or the CDC?

Study Links Autism to Educated, Affluent Parents {ParentDish}

Jan 8th 2010 7:45AM Could it be that better educated or affluent parents were more likely to recognize the symptoms or more likely to take their child to the doctors more often.

You have to remember correlation does not equal causation.

This study may help researchers narrow down on a possible environmental exposure.

P.S. To the author, keep up the Jenny McCarthy was so wrong lines, I love it.

Parents Struggle to Find Inoculated Nannies {ParentDish}

Jan 8th 2010 7:28AM If you are caring for a new born and you do not have all of your vaccinations you can pass the diseases on to the child your caring for.

In response to SKL: Perhaps the author is just attempting to squash irrelevant anti-vaccination comments before they start. After all he did cite the fact that those people are completely wrong.