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WoW Crossword 08/10/08 {WoW}

Aug 10th 2008 2:15PM Hmm.. maybe a slight problem with those clues vs answer layout.. 39 clues vs 36 answers

PS: 11down! where on the layout is that? ;)

Forum post of the day: Heals and heels {WoW}

Aug 3rd 2008 7:49AM I agree with the play how you feel ideal, although I must admit when I see a healing spec whatever stand by and not heal!.. well... I cast my mind back to a particular AB whereby we had 3 holy priests and no-one got healed anywhere, they were not afk either, I consider that leeching as they're not contributing to the effort.

If I chose to not attack with my hunter or rogue I would be flagged AFK etc. I guess what the OP in that thread should have done is approached it from the angle of people that dont play their spec.

I guess we often think of leechers simply sitting still not doing anything at all, but when someone actively moves and still contributes zero effort we tend to turn a disgruntled blind eye to it.

I must say, where possible, when I do get healed I always try to /thank that person or whisper a thanks to that person, same if someone helps me out of a possible gank situation, although I'm usually dead by then lol

Wrath Money Sink Found: Dalaran teleport rings for 8000 gold {WoW}

Jul 29th 2008 6:16AM hmm, if Dalaran has an Inn or there is an Inn close to Dalaran then that means I've saved 8k gold. I would consider those stats on the rings pretty much normal for a level 80 item considering they're epic quality

So ya gotta ask yourself - is it worth 8k for a teleport option?.

yeah we know things may/will change.

New Death Knight starting screen and skeletal gryphon mount {WoW}

Jul 29th 2008 6:08AM It's pretty safe to say that most DK players would not been seen alive/dead/undead with that mount.

With that kind of thing hitting live (hopefully it doesn't and they change it to something more appropriate), I would expect Yosimite Sam to make an appearance somewhere as that is just plain lunacy.

Ofc you can take a reverse look at it, with that kind of silliness you can bet every DK in the game will go for a netherdrake so based on that its a pretty good money sink lol

Breakfast Topic: When's Wrath? {WoW}

Jul 27th 2008 8:28AM I'm going for a tbc approach, november-ish for US and January for EU

Breakfast Topic: Guilds and WotLK preparation {WoW}

Jul 26th 2008 10:25AM Yeah, we suffered a few losses due to reduced raiding during summer, we was 25man raiding on a regular basis over the winter/early spring, given the 10man aspect of WotLK we're currently debating to simply stay as a smaller "family" guild and stick with the 10s in WotLK.

Atm, like stated above, those that are active in my guild are working on alts and tradeskills.

Breakfast Topic: Guilds and WotLK preparation {WoW}

Jul 26th 2008 10:21AM Yep thats pretty much the mood in our camp also

Breakfast Topic: Guilds and WotLK preparation {WoW}

Jul 26th 2008 8:20AM We hit the typical quiet spot when summer hit, instead of raiding ingame half our members we're raiding beer gardens or some sunny costal retreat in xyz country lol. Add to that WotLK imminent and a chance at beta = our more seasoned members are just trudging through dailies and doin a bit of pvp.

On the few occassions we have raided, its been very half hearted to say the least although a couple of our members are very motivated, the majority feeling is we're waiting for a bus to arrive with no actual idea of the timetable for the bus.

The amount of new guilds being formed suggests this is the case for quite a few guilds on my server

Breakfast Topic: Planning for the beta {WoW}

Jul 25th 2008 8:39AM DK for me, i'm 99% certain DK will be my new main as hunter just doesn't seem to have recieved anything particularly innovative, yep they have recieved some long overdue stuff etc and tbh it will still be a fun class, but i've had 1 as my main since way before.

I like my rogue alt, thats never going to be anything more than a pace-breaker for me thoguh, I've tried all the other classes and met them with a varying degree of like/dislike so DK will be like a breath of fresh air for me.

I like the look of Death Knights, from what I've watched and read I like the playstyle, and its a whole new idea on their power system, I will on live level my rogue and hunter to 80, but they will be very much sidelined unless something radical happens to any of them. Yes I would like to hit Northrend asap but I would much rather wait to do that so that I'm doing it with a class that inspires me

Forum post of the day: Rogues are unhappy {WoW}

Jul 16th 2008 7:00AM What it really means is gone are the days of arrogantly jumping into stacked odds fights and causing havoc, we just have to a be a little more cautious now i guess, even with the dmg reduction from sinister calling if you get a decent sub rogue uncloaking behind you you better have some tricks and CD's available coz they'll still cause a significant amount of trouble for you.

But in short - yes i reluctantly agree that cheat death was way overpowered, but it was fun while it lasted :D, i'm not sure personally about the reasoning for the reduction to sinister calling though that seams a bit unecessary and without point.

What i think we'll find is more x/3/x builds being utilized to give that extra control through gouge for second swipe from stealth without using vanish where possible.

How much difference will it actually make? lets face it, most decent pvp geared rogues now have over 330 res (67%), 394 res = 80%, rogues that are clocking up over 400 res wont really notice a difference (443 res = 90%), but PVE is a whole different story. Perhaps a better way would have been BGs + Arenas derives CD absorbtion from resilience, standard world zones and dungeon/raids derives from dodge rating * 3 (capped at 90%) or something, that way it would have preserved its viability for pve.

For the PVE'ers i completely sympathise, but for BGs it only means going to the GY 1 or 2 seconds earlier, perhaps catching that res as opposed to just missing it and being out of the game for 30 seconds thanks to a little latency, I cant comment on arenas as thats not something thats ever interested me.