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World of Warcraft dips to a mere 11.4 million subscribers {WoW}

May 10th 2011 5:50AM As a player who's raided since Burning Crusade, this normal/hard mode thing really made people a bit too comfortable; on a server like mine it didn't work and we'd have wipefests on NORMAL bosses when there's literally nothing to wipe to... healers didn't have to worry about their mana, we didn't have to bring 6-8 healers like we did in 25-mans back in Burning Crusade, 5-6 healers could handle it all.

Now the small minority of us with half a brain in our guilds didn't really have anywhere to go when we wanted to tackle the harder content (only few guilds bothered with hard modes) and transferring servers isn't something I have the extra money to spend on so there's nothing else to do but either sit in Dalaran showing off your 226/232/245/251/264 stuff or burnout and not play at all.

The healing changes are the one thing I'm not too comfortable with yet, but at least you aren't spamming "Flash Heal" during fights anymore. The subscription dip is normal, it was bound to happen eventually, life does go on for us.

Breakfast Topic: Have you ever taken time off from WoW? {WoW}

Apr 27th 2011 1:21PM I've taken breaks here and there, some being 3-4 months long- the first time I burned out from raiding in Burning Crusade after the raiding guild I was in fell apart shortly after dropping Illidan, second break came when I literally didn't have much time for WoW due to class so I missed out a few months into Wrath and came back shortly after, third burnout came near the end of Wrath and I stayed out of the game from August until last December... It kinda helps to stay off when you need to.

The Light and How to Swing It: Retribution of patch 4.1 {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2011 3:56AM THIS. THIS. THIS.

This comment makes me happy.

This is all I need. A longer range on Repentance. Screw PvP. I quit it back in Burning Crusade and I haven't looked back since!

Paragon scores world first heroic Fall of the Lich King {WoW}

Mar 29th 2010 4:03AM Ahhh.. grats to them.

I'll never be able to see heroic Lich King... Everyone could get there if they did their best and actually pulled their weight around... Our server lacks this ability. =/

WoW Moviewatch: I Play as a Chick {WoW}

Mar 10th 2010 12:15PM Holy crap that was friggin' awesome! Loved it!!

Raid Rx: Don't be a hero {WoW}

Jan 27th 2010 8:32PM Gonna try to put this as best as I can... In my 2 years of raiding The several raid guilds I have been in have always had that "star healer", the most focused of the healers and usually the strongest. Rarely went out of spec and when they did it was because of an offnight and someone else wanted to heal a heroic. Usually said healer was the main tank healer or in certain sitiuations maybe the most crucial team members because the raid leader trusted them best. Then there were the secondary healers... Capable of off-tank healing and some group heals, they were close to the performance of the star healer but couldn't quite top him/her. They didn't get much attention but I noticed how much of the raid depends on a player as good as the star healer. Without them... Things aren't just the same. Just like not having your usual main tanks or DPS whose playstyle you are all so used to and constantly find yourself relying on. Players should take examples from the better players and improve themselves in the event that some of the key team members aren't around.

Doing something nice for other players {WoW}

Oct 1st 2009 12:57AM I had finally hit the 4000 gold mark on my grind for the epic flyer back in May 2007 when the only dailies available were the Skettis/Ogri'la ones and farming Primals were the way to go. To my surprise, a fellow guildie who was qutting the game gave me his last 1000g and told me to enjoy. I'll always remember him!

15 Minutes of Fame: A World of Warcraft love story, Part 2 {WoW}

Aug 6th 2009 4:37AM Not the first time I've seen something like this happen, but this is a very cute story nonetheless. Love can pretty much be found anywhere, you'll never know where and when...

How to: Five Amber drakes in The Oculus {WoW}

Jun 23rd 2009 1:39AM I managed to do all the achievements for the Ley-Guardian a few months ago. It was a guild run. We decided to start off with the Amber/Ruby void achievements by using 5 Emerald Drakes. We managed to down the boss after a few attempts, because kiting the boss was something we didn't know we could do - by kiting him in a large circle around the Occulus (when kiting him along the invisible wall was possible), we had a lot of space between us and the boss, I held aggro while my guildmates pummeled the boss with their abilities and keeping the heals up.

I'll still remember that day when we got the achievement and the rest of the guild was... "HOW?!?!" "WTF?!"

WoW as a channel for news from Iran? {WoW}

Jun 21st 2009 11:22PM Damn that video was insane. I hope I never have to face anything like that in real life. That was just too damn much for me.