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Wrath 101: PvP welfare gear part III {WoW}

Dec 18th 2008 9:04PM Absolute crap! PVP gear should be attainable from doing PVP only, not also PVE. And their love for the Arenas is absolute crap as well. When I play BG's its different every time, Arena's are stale, boring and require nothing more than using the forums to find the best team/class/talent combos. PFFFT!

The great hunter nerf of 2008 {WoW}

Dec 9th 2008 3:36PM They do most likely, most health care plans have plenty in there for mental disorders, which include medication and dr. visits.

The great hunter nerf of 2008 {WoW}

Dec 9th 2008 2:16PM WOW! This blows chunks. I'm having such a blast leveling with my gorilladin, honest, a huge blast, the most fun ever since I started playing wow 1 month after release.

And now, 30% less damage on volley? I'll be oom way sooner than usual, an extra mend pet will be needed and an extra 2 volleys will be needed.

BLIZZ...........what are you thinking?

Spiritual Guidance: Wrath of the Shadow Priest {WoW}

Nov 13th 2008 1:35PM There is a huge lack of good insight and builds for priests. All of the following are needed (I haven't played my spriest since pre-bc, rank 11 PVP). The wow forums dont help me much with the following.

New preist leveling up to 40 solo build (which talents in which order)...

Priest leveling after 40 (going to shadowform)

Priest leveling through BC, any major changes needed

Priest leveling in wotlk, as holy spec (some of them looked good here) and as shadow spec

End game pvp, solo, raiding (dps or heal)

Blizzard sends in-game mail explaining today's problems {WoW}

Nov 12th 2008 12:53AM WOW, Gurubashi is back up but the lag for everyone is absolutely unplayable. Ping and latency is normal, but the delay between keypress and when the server executes the command (a simple attack) is a good 8 seconds.

Breakfast Topic: Improving the noobgrind {WoW}

Jul 16th 2008 4:23PM PROBLEMS SOLVED

I think it's important first to set some baselines and from that elaborate on what will and wont work.

Problem #1 - Having to do the same quests again and again is something that obviously needs to be delt with.

Problem #2 - Azeroth instances are designed to take 2-3 hours each, WOTK has some 1hr instances. Many people love grouped play when it progress's and rewards are given to most in the group.

Problem #3 - Leveling helps you learn your class spells, but after a certain point (instancing or questing) it's a rinse and repeat action with a near flat learning curve.

Problem #4 - Class spells that get used are drasticly different within the class for questing, instancing and PVP gameplays, so this somewhat negates the need to "learn your class" if you have to spend numerous levels using spells you will never/rarely use in end game

Solution #1 - Each class right now can be played 3 different ways at end game, however, the most efficient way to level is usually one of the three for each class. If after leveling to 70 and being able to start at 30 (or 55 or whatever pre BC) then I should be able to play my new class in each of those three ways.

In order for that to happen all instances in Azeroth need to be re-designed to be shorter (in line with Blizzards current isntance design guildelines) and the rewards need to be given in a way they are now for BC gear (tokens).

So, as noobs level up to 30 (using 30 becuase it's a good number) they can then join the alts for instances and or keep going with quests.

The bottom line is you have to unite noobs and alts at whatever the alt starting level would be (assuming there must be one, a minimum of lvl 20) and of course re-tool the Azeroth instances to allow more flexibility in how one levels, with the end result being a more varried leveling experience.

Porportional XP rate per qty of levl 70's...bad becuase it leaves others behind and negates grouping.

There are lots of other smaller solutions to make the bigger picture even A to B flight paths, realm consilidation (hardware is much faster now, todays specs can eaisly handle 3-4 realms), re-building of quests in various zones, flying mounts in Azeroth...etc etc.

The Art of War(craft): How WoW as an eSport can actually work {WoW}

Jul 14th 2008 1:42AM Ok, that was 100x better. However, it was still boring. People watch sports to watch people do amazing things. And I think thats why electronic gaming as a sport will probably never take off.

When I watch baseball I dont think "damm, thats a lot of fun, I wish I was playing baseball right now" because to be a pro athelete requires more than what 99.9% of people can do. But when you watch someone play video games, either online or at your buddys what is the first thing that comes to mind? How about "I can do that, I want to play".

So, maybe professional electronic gaming as a sport will take off when it becomes interactive for those that are watching. Maybe an all out Eve Online war on TV where I could actually participate and at the same time watch on my TV the superstars. I mentioned Eve Online becuase their world isnt sharded. Or a new Battlegroup Arena's, where the entire WoW Battlegroup can play against eachother in one massive AV style game and broadcast that on TV as well.

It will happen one day thats for sure, along with my other 100 ideas.

The Art of War(craft): How WoW as an eSport can actually work {WoW}

Jul 13th 2008 8:28PM For starters, you linked to this, which I then had to decipher again what to actually watch

Then I clicked the link to

Then I watched the video on "Page Two" the URL here of " CAPSLOCKCREW upsets *MoB* TurtleForce"

It might of been helpful to link to exactly what you wanted your readers to read vs. the click fest I went through. What exact video is an example of "I highly recommend watching replays of the MLG matches, as they do not disappoint"?

The Art of War(craft): How WoW as an eSport can actually work {WoW}

Jul 13th 2008 7:19PM Well, I took your advice and watched the first match they had. I must say that has to be the most lame sport I have ever watched. Im not a jock and I've been a geek since age 9 but why the fuck would I want to watch a bunch of teenagers shouting at their monitors? It's boring, if they were actually shouting at other people vs. an avatar then It might be entertaining. They are just sitting there of course, poker on TV is better than this, reason being is becuase all the player are present in one space.