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Ensidia gets 10-man Algalon world-first {WoW}

May 19th 2009 12:49AM Overgeared?

Considering Ulduar hasn't been out very long, and this is the hardest boss in the game, I'm left wondering - do you know what that term means?!? They don't even have full Ulduar gear, after so little time in Ulduar they'll be mostly in Naxx-25 gear.

Perfectly adequate, sure. Overgeared for Ulduar-10 early bosses? Arguably (though I wouldn't agree). But for the hardest boss in the game? Get real. It's literally impossible to be overgeared for a world first on the hardest boss. If you take the time to get that kind of gear, dozens of others have gotten there first.

All I see here is envy, not only of their sponsorship, but also of their skill. Skill > gear. I often out-dps people in better gear, eg me with 3-4 Naxx-25 items, compared to someone of the same class with full ilvl 213 gear, and I was 10-20% ahead on dmg. And I recognise I'm not even close to Ensidia's class.

I think you can rest assured they could have done it without a single item over ilvl 200. But why should they? It would have taken longer, which would have been stupid.

Ensidia gets 10-man Algalon world-first {WoW}

May 19th 2009 12:43AM No.

That's what it took to do it *FIRST*. With only 1 hr a week in which to see the fight, no videos, no strats, of course it's going to take time to learn the fight and what strategies are required to deal with different boss abilities etc.

Like the man said, it wasn't the fight that made it hard, but the timer. I didn't keep track of when (if it was announced) they got access to Algalon, but we're looking at what, a kill in 2-3 hrs? Maybe 4? Perhaps another couple of hours if you add in concurrent attempts on Algalon-25, but again I'm not sure when they got access to him, so maybe not...

Argent Hippogryph cost lowered {WoW}

May 17th 2009 4:45AM Yep, absolutely mind-boggling.

Someone who apparently knows the difference between server-side hotfixes, and client (and probably server as well) patches...fails to notice that this change is coming in the "next minor patch". Let's try that again...the next minor PATCH.

See how simple that is? Read first, before engaging critic mode. The queries/complaints/confusion over an anticipated bug (be it display only) not being fixed is perfectly valid, and your objection is invalid.

15 Minutes of Fame: Dislocated but not disconnected {WoW}

Apr 21st 2009 10:41PM Wow...

What do you say to a story like this? First of all - I want to congratulate WI on making this interview so short. The very first thing that came to mind, was not "leaving us hanging", as was suggested in another comment - but the consideration that showed for someone who obviously struggles with the simplest things in life. Thank you for giving this lady a chance to rest after the first part of this interview.

Lileya, I am amazed at what you have achieved. I like to consider myself a very skilled player - but I do it without any real I think you are quite likely a better player than I am, given the hurdles you have to overcome to do the things I do so easily.

You are an inspiration, and I am so happy to hear that you have found something you love in WoW, and that is not quite beyond your capabilities. Stay strong. (Given your circumstances, I'm sure you realise the sense in which that is meant...)

[UPDATED] Playtime over for You Play or We Pay {WoW}

Apr 17th 2009 12:04AM Swurds...throwing the word "theft" into a message multiple times won't make it more real, or more believable. There's many legal aspects to that (at least in Australia, the legal term is "larceny" - explained by "the seven proofs of larceny", yes SEVEN criteria for something to be legally theft. This service FAILS EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!)...but let's focus on the common sense, since laws vary from country to country.

For something to be stolen, it has to be something you have no right to, that you're depriving the owner of. So...what are Blizzard being deprived of? The purchase of game time? Nope, game card is purchased, the source of the purchase price is irrelevant. Advertising or traffic on their own sites? Nope - many people (almost) never see those, and if these cards are, as someone pointed out, purchased at an online store, there is web traffic going there that Blizzard might miss out on if the user bought it themselves (at a nearby store, say).

The entire process is legal. Advertising revenue? Can't argue it. Purchasing game cards? Ditto. Giving game cards to registered members, having obtained them legally? Providing they comply with any relevant "lottery" style legislation, that's perfectly legitimate too.

As for the intellectual property claim...I cannot see the relevance. YPOWP didn't use anything belonging to Blizzard (unless they stole some artwork for their site, which would be pretty stupid). Parody works, which are very obviously and fairly closely based on a copyrighted work, are for the most part illegal (there may be places where they aren't). How can you argue that this, which DOES NOT use any of the ideas, concepts etc in WoW, is more illegal than something like the Barry Trotter books? (I"m sure there's better examples).

Blizzard are not being deprived of anything. Every step in the process is most obviously legal, even if some technical argument can be made that the whole is not (which matter would be pointless to argue). It simply cannot be theft, no matter how hard you argue that it must be because you don't like it...

Even piracy, which is obviously illegal, cannot realistically be classified as theft. You aren't depriving the owner of anything (except MAYBE a sale, which they'd only receive through 3+ intermediaries anyway). It's a copy, the owner doesn't lose the original, that's why piracy is prosecuted under copyright laws, not theft/larceny laws - it can't be.

Breakfast Topic: Losing stuff in World of Warcraft {WoW}

Apr 13th 2009 9:20PM @Zuma - maybe you shouldn't have been stupid enough to name the series while telling the author not to give spoilers and delete those in comments. Like yours maybe?

I had no idea what he was referring to until I saw your comment, and I'm most of the way through the series atm - thanks for nothing.

Breakfast Topic: Where will you be when Patch 3.1 arrives? {WoW}

Apr 8th 2009 12:22AM Draelan, get a grip...

What defensiveness? What US superiority? You took that *WAY* out of context. Of course he said the same thing - that was the point! It was an idle comment, along the lines of "Ya woulda been quite cool if you'd said (the same thing) in this way instead".

Take some valium, and a 3 week break, and calm down.

FileFront reacquired by original owners, not shutting down {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2009 3:05AM Definitely A. Ziff Davis are a long time (primarily IT?) publishing company, that made a fairly successful move to online publishing - among other things. From memory, PC Magazine and Mac User were some of their more well known publications. You can find them at

I used to work for the local (Sydney, Australia) publishing company that had licensed the ZD franchises, many years ago. They didn't have an Australian branch of ZD at the time, but did start one up later (primarily for exhibitions, I believe, rather than publishing - but I wasn't really involved, and never kept track).

I'm sure Wikipedia would have more details on the history of both Filefront, and Ziff Davis.

Ready Check: Ulduar and Burnout {WoW}

Mar 29th 2009 11:12PM Sorry, but you're completely wrong. The poster below you never saw classic, or BC - they burnt out on Wrath. There is nothing to do, that we haven't already do (and is worth doing - hard modes are a niche), and nothing to look forward to.

The warnings for this started as soon as we heard about Ensidia, and you know what's changed since then?

Nothing at all...except people's recognition of the problem. At first, the casuals yelled at their "enemies", the hardcore raiders...who were trying to warn them of them, but weren't believed. Now the casuals know what we were talking about. They've living (playing) what we were talking about.

You may be an exception, but overall, the truth of this position is unassailable, and only grows stronger over time. The only thing that can change this, is Blizzard changing their design policies before they lose TOO many players.

Ready Check: Ulduar and Burnout {WoW}

Mar 29th 2009 11:03PM Unfortunately, as you admit to not raiding, and no offence here - you have no idea what you're talking about. Yes, months ago, people were making the points you are now. It's old news.

What's relevent now's not the hardcore people burning out. It's the casuals. The one's who've *NEVER* played as much as you suggest. The ones who might raid once or twice a week, or took a month or more to get to 80. Playing less is not a solution - if there's not enough content in the game, people will simply stop playing.

It's not up to the players to ration the content available in the game. If Blizzard can't provide enough content, that will last long enough, they will lose people. End of story.

The (potential) problem was recognised when the world firsts came out, and reiterated when more servers started getting server firsts, and when PuG's started clearing Naxx, etc etc. It was poo-poo'd by non-raiders, and those who wanted to raid (but had never bothered before) as the most wonderful thing ever to happen to WoW/raiding.

Everyone else knows better is *NOT* a good thing for the game, even if it works fine for some people. Those people can be catered to without "ruining" it for so many others.