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WoW Rookie: Essential WoW terminology in other languages {WoW}

Mar 19th 2010 7:44AM Well, the Finnish translation was a bit eh... stiff... in places.

I for one am on exclusively finn guild, and we've never ever said some of that stuff anywhere, but then, we don't that often write instructions down on guild runs but rather use Vent.

Anyway, some additions:

Hello: Hei, Moi, Moro (I rarely hear people say Terve, but it is correct)
Which way?: Minne päin? (suuntaan is correct, though)

and then I spotted a typo:

Don't pull aggro: Älä aggroa (with a double G, one missing there)

Otherwise... Well, these will be understood, even though I think most finns will notice you're not a native. Finns generally speak English well, but these might come in handy at Stormreaver :D

Breakfast Topic: Abuse of the "Report player AFK" feature {WoW}

Dec 2nd 2009 7:05AM People using the tool for the actual purpose are

[Updated] No Wolpertinger and Pink Elekk quests for Europe {WoW}

Sep 24th 2009 4:45AM I can say this absolutely hilarious... It ridiculous to remove quests from the game for such flimsy reasons. I mean, come on, you slaughter sometimes innocent creatures for their fur, teeth, eyes, brains - you know the drill - but then it's somehow in the fringe to get drunk and see pink elephants? It was in Dumbo too, you know, and that was a children's movie. I wasn't too traumatised by that either, so I doubt players over 12 years of age will be too surprised by pink elephants and bunnies with horns and wings...

Common sense is really a rare trait these days. Ridiculous.

Ready Check: Onyxia {WoW}

Sep 24th 2009 4:33AM Ony wasn't tuned as difficult as I expected it to do... We wiped once on both 10 man and on the 25-man group, but that was to be expected as we had some people in who'd never done Ony pre-patch (let's not even mention level 60?). Our Ony expert said she didn't think it was all that hard, and she actually hoped Blizz would tune it up.

We even had only 20 people in 25-man, and on the second try downed her with ease. Our usually so bustling vent chat was quiet enough to hear a needle drop, and oh boy did we raid leaders enjoy ourselves!

The loot wasn't quite up to what we expected really (might be only that we got mage & priests hats from 10 man without having any mages or priests with us), but I personally love the quest reward ring, even though it has spirit on it (Those 100 rolls sometimes come in handy)... Hope to see the dragon one day too, I think we'll be raiding Ony a lot in the future.

Death to spell power plate {WoW}

Aug 20th 2009 5:43AM I would change my main off paladin were they to do any of that :D

I love my indestructible little healing machine to death, but my dear paladin without 20k mana? No way!

Spell power plate might be some sort of ancient relic, but removing it entirely and revamping the whole spec just to get rid of those items seems like enormous amount of needless work. Would they be converting ap from items to spellpower and str or agi to int? Yeah, right... And I'm sure all plate dps would just love this idea?

Officers' Quarters: Best in slot {WoW}

Jul 14th 2009 3:08AM As an officer of my guild (luckily not the loot master though), I'm real happy we rarely have these situations. When we have conflicts about loot, however, all of us officers make the decision on giving out the loot.

Example of the opposite: I have personally been asked not to roll on a BiS item, which I took as quite a silly decision. You know Kel's sword? Not only is it (was?) awesome for caster dps, it's pure awesomeness to holy pallies. I was refused a roll because Kel *might* drop a mace, that's better itemized for priests anyway. Anyway, what sounded illogical to me was that I couldn't roll on the sword because more people needed the sword than the mace. Let's count: Sword: Mages, Warlocks (and the paladin denied a roll); Mace: Priests, Pallies, Druids, Shamans. That's 2 (/3) to 4, am I right? This is the only reason why I felt a bit misunderstood in the situation.

I've neglected all this fancy talk about BiS before and mostly after the sword incident. I can make do with caster plate and keep my tank alive, usually even when the shit hits the fan. People let the gear do the healing (or dps, or tanking) for them too often, and that is never good enough. The gear can do only that much for you, the rest is measured by how well you play.

That's why I really agree with Scott. Even though some of Ulduar plate is absolute garbage for us pallies, we don't have to roll on it. If you're wearing better plate, live with it. Use your possible DKP on weapons. I'm perfectly satisfied with my Naxx/Maly/Sarth+drakes stuff. New loot would be just icing on the cake, but I'm a damn good cake as it is.

Class Q&A: Paladin {WoW}

Jul 12th 2009 5:03PM Amen!

I completely agree with you on this...

On the same note, I'll throw out my two cents about the holy changes... Blizzard first made it impossible for us to actually heal with anything else than Holy Light (mobs hitting the tanks insanely), so we stacked int and crit to keep up. Then they nerf int and crit and expect us to cope? Blizzard itself created the situation and now punishes us for taking the necessary measures. Nerfing paladin mana regen (based completely on int and crit) they devastate us in longer fights.

I'm not so much complaining about the nerf itself, I just do not wish to be a drag to my raid in certain fights - type of which has increased since WotLk launch. Also what I'm complaining about is Blizzards poor handling of the situation. I didn't see anything wrong with holy pallies to begin with. Haven't they heard the saying 'don't try to fix what isn't broken'?

Patch 3.2: Horde Tier 9 plate armor set gallery {WoW}

Jul 12th 2009 4:25PM I totally agree with you, the colouring to pally set is completely awful. I won't be rolling on that stuff no matter how overpowered it might be. No way am I going to look like a clown wearing that shit.

Everyone supporting the coulour scheme: have you ever looked at the Blood Knight tabard? I have, and it's black & red. If they wanted horde pallies to look like Blood Knights, they should have used red and black.

The Queue: Locke {WoW}

May 7th 2009 5:53PM You know, the spec is only about a third of one's DPS. We have three DPS DKs in our guild atm. One of them can throw his talents around any way he chooses and still do awesome dps. Then we have another, who does sucky DPS with every single spec this other guy suggests. He's given the rotation, the spec, the whole deal, and he's still hanging below 2k with a spec the other guy does 5k + with.

What I'm trying to say is that some people can play a class doing this unconventionally. Sure, you can argue that with a cookie cutter spec they might be even better, but do you need to complain if they're doing their part of the job or even outdoing others?

My spec as a healer is far from conventional. I haven't seen anyone with a spec like mine for over a year, and a lot has changed since then. Still, I do my part and I do it well. I don't get bitched at for having an unconventional spec, and I raid with people who'd say it if something was wrong.

Don't get stuck on conventions, try something new. People complaining about someone else's spec and saying he's ruining it for the rest of them ought to broaden their view. My 2 cents.

Breakfast Topic: Hitting your stride {WoW}

Mar 24th 2009 2:15AM We've had few experiences like this. The latest lucky strike being almost completing the undying, until the unlucky moment one person somehow died at Razuvius 0,04 seconds before he died (I checked the combatlog later for that figure).

Our first Maly25 kill might also count as one, as we we're fully prepared to wipe on it for about an hour (we even had first-timers on board). We one-shotted him after the raid leader had said 'well, okay, let's try that on the next try'. So much for the raid leaders trust on her guildies :D

I even had a 6 or 7 AB victories in a row, that was a true lucky strike in our battlegroup...