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The ins and outs of the Shroud Loot System {WoW}

Jun 11th 2009 10:41PM Leftovers on Silver Hand has roughly 700-800 people raiding every week across a huge host of groups, all using the same point system (and the same points pool): Shroud. It's worked beautifully for us, eliminating all the problems we had with our previous DKP system (ever-increasing complexity, points hoarding and huge imbalances). There has been remarkably little drama in the last 3 years since we adopted it. (Not zero, but damn small. I know, I am one of those that receive the complaints when it does happen.)

The simplicity helps, but I believe the #1 thing that reduces drama is that Shroud discourages people from caring much about points. They stop focusing on points for the most part and get back to concentrating on the game.

It also helps that we have a strong culture against rules saying who can and cannot take loot.

WoW Insider's guide to the dungeons of Wrath {WoW}

Nov 26th 2008 12:42PM I can't read the text for the dungeons because the Wal-Mart ad is right on top of it and has no close button.

15 Minutes of Fame: More than mere Leftovers Part II {WoW}

Jul 25th 2008 11:49AM It's kind of odd that you think you can paint 700 people and 25 Charters with the same brush :) Despite the fact that many of our Charters started very late in BC, LO's more progression-minded Charters have progressed as fast or faster than many raiding guilds.

We have Charters everywhere in the spectrum up to 4/5 Hyjal and 7/9 BT. We are beginning Sunwell in earnest now. We have like 6 Charters that have repeat-killed Vashj, and 3-4 that have repeat-killed Kael.

Still, it's about what you want to do. Different Charters are progressing at different rates, some are more casual, some are more hardcore. Most people will find a place they can fit in.

15 Minutes of Fame: More than mere Leftovers {WoW}

Jul 16th 2008 11:51AM Progression:
Sunwell - we're just beginning to work on that :)
BT - we have 1 Charter at 7/9 BT, 4 more about halfway through.
Hyjal - 6 Charters have 4/5 (damn Archimonde!) and 1 more has 3/5
Vashj - 5 Charters have Vashj dead. 2 have Kael. (Lots of skipping going on, as the first 3-4 of Hyjal and BT are arguably easier than Kael :)

One of the interesting things about an open group (any open group) is that when a fight first gets cracked with one subgroup, the others follow suit rather quickly.

Numbers: the astute observer will note that the "last 3 weeks" numbers are different in the two different spots in this article. This is because the samples were done at different times--the bigger number was 4 days later :)