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Breakfast Topic: Fun with jerks {WoW}

Feb 1st 2010 1:25AM I only ever tank on my Paladin main, because I hate going as dps or heals and having a bad tank >.< I can get us throu the instance nice and fast(after having inspected hte healer gear wise to choose a pace), and being thanked at the end for being a good tank and having to deal with the random people I pick up in them makes me happy. I've had terrible dps(900 dps from a purpled out hunter auto shooting). I've had terrible healers(solo'd 3rd boss in occ from 60% because the healer hadn't done the instance yet and dind't know not to stand in the frost bomb even after I had explained to get out of it and hide when he ports) but NOTHING is as bad as the under 60 instance groups. Low dps, 'lets use blizzard on the 1 mob' screaming at me for not holding aggro when these mobs hit like kittens, assuming because I don't have heirloom items I'm a new player and treating me like one. leaving midd instance for who knows what reason. 'your moving too slow' was one i get alot

I've had some TERRIBLE groups on my warrior tank alt. A paladin in ret(this is LOW level) in SM graveyard. zoned in, gave a series of rules, about letting the tank pull, then started pulling... I had to explain to him that altho he signed up as tank/dps(he was tanking in ret too, which wasn't bad) that I got the tank position, and since I had no dps spec, asked if he could take righteous fury off and just dps. he told me I was a shit tank, and refused to remove his threat gen.... since he was higher than me, did more damage than me, and had 80% threat on, I couldn't get mobs off him, or gain rage to pull them off him. He kept on saying I was shit, that i couldn't keep the mobs off him and said his righteous fury wasn't hurting anyone.. soooo I pulled the whole of the instance with shield block and shield wall, pulled to him, knew he would auto consecrate, and left group with my healer friend who was angry at him too.

Had a rogue come in mid ZF and start bitching at me for leaving mobs alive. he spent 90% of the time stealthed, and altho yes he did damage when he DID attack, his excuse for not attacking was 'this is a AOE instance now'. He starting questioning our 'ages', our 'mental stability' and if these characters were our first. 'because xp is good you idiots'(in response to use leaving mobs alive). when I and others explained that no, this wasn't our first character, that I had 2 80s he started going on about 'must be shit characters then, you even seen the inside of Naxx? lol'. My RAF account with my healer friend had screwed up so i didn't care about the random completion reward(instead of 850 xp for completeing a dungeon, i get 8150, thats NOT the 3x either so I was 2 levels ahead) so duel booted up my main account, gave my friend leader, left group on my warrior, got my paladin 80 ICC 25 man tank into group, started linking him all my gear and my crimson halls 10 achievement, left group with out saying a thing and got back in on my warrior and asked him if he still thought I was a 'stupid wow player'. Only reason I did the whole thing was because the 'vote to kick' was not working, his debuff had worn off, but it was still saying 'you can not kick this player at this time'. He shut up abit, then pulled half the instance, vanished and left group, we lived so he failed to wipe us. People like him give blackrock horde a bad name.

Breakfast Topic: What's the best pun name you've ever seen? {WoW}

Apr 19th 2009 8:19PM Replica 'of the Horde'
that made me laugh

I have a friend who made a rogue back in the day Parrts... yes, Private Parrts...

The Azeroth Ethicist: Why (or why not) to take a player {WoW}

Dec 26th 2008 10:19PM loot rules are always a PITA. having a enhance shaman win a dps chest from 25 man Widow, then roll on the T7.5 and win makes you want to scream and hit the desk. worst part for me was that he was a core raider while I was a new initiate healer(didnt matter that i had a blue) so i couldnt complain to the guild leader(not after the guy DE'd his new widow chest)

Was in a pug run with a fellow DK who wanted the skull clad cleaver from H HOL. the tank(a paladin), just before the boss who dropped it, announced that he would leave now if we did not promise that he would get the item with out the DK rolling. we told him shove his demand where the sun don't shine, left group and convinced guildies to finish the run. It dropped, the DK got the axe, and we reported the tank to his guild who put him on warning and later got kicked for trying to pull the same trick with his own guild members.

You always roll for your current spec. doesnt matter that yes, you might be a Enhance shaman who goes Resto for raiding(like me) you are currently resto, you get resto gear. you can have the left over Dps gear okay?~points to 25man gear level enhance set that no one wanted sitting in the bank~ don't give me the 'but i can't get into raids as dps' BS. the reason i'm resto is for that reason, yet you don't see me taking dps gear over the blue'd hunter do you?

and yes, not everyone has my own sense of morals, and i have blown my top over people getting gear(shard of contempt that dropped 10 times and i never won) that i could 'use better than them'... but its a game... loot is loot. it goes to the winner.. tough titties :)

Breakfast Topic: Don't you mean the *healer* shortage? {WoW}

Dec 10th 2008 2:46AM Pre LK, My shaman was enhance(from level 1 since before MC). but when 3.0 came out I moved server for friends and ended up being their healer... i had picked up a okay set from around the place(left over ZA healing gear) and ended up when LK came out with a full badge set healing gear and entering sunwell(as enhance i had barely seen ssc)

LK came out, went back to enhance for the day, and resto for the night. was loosing too much money so I ended up leveling as resto from 71 to 80... couldnt kill anyone(pvp server) but I gave them a run for their money. kited a rogue all the way to warsong hold while she was trying to kill me.. yay for 10k 1.5second cast Healing waves. just takes so long to quest.

The things I hate about being a healer in LK
seeing people in trade go 'LF 1 HEALER NAXX 10' and knowing im saved...

tanks who are aren't that geared but still think they can stand in the poisen nova when i have 20+ snakes on me with no ranged AOE dps(let me refrase that, dps who say 'im not supposed to get them off you'). then blame it all on my shit heals(2k+healing thank you very much) and then ragequits when i ask them to move out of the nova 'dont tell me how to tank.'

same msg from 1 guy for the whole of a week asking me if i could heal his naxx 10(was saved since the weds) after i helped him with a chain in icecrown.

currently unguilded(guild disbanded because we couldnt find healers for a guild naxx25) and being forced to farm the 'twill' grey set to wear when in dalaran, even when passing throu. with in 10 mins, 5 /w from complete randoms mentioning my healing naxx10/25 gear and my current guild status and asking if i would like to join such and such...


I do like 3 manning Heigan the Unclean with the 2 tanks from 75% to 0% tho... 22min fight. Watershield FTW!

Note to self: Don't level a profession right before a restart {WoW}

Dec 5th 2008 7:51PM I haven't had this glitch with proffesions but I was VERY lucky to get it via server crash when i was farming Timbermaw rep(long time ago for the chant) was close to 1k rep away. had the turn ins for 500ish rep. turned them in, the server crashed.

when i logged in i was 500 rep up and still had the items to turn in. saved me probably 30 mins of trying to fight for mobs. i was happy.

Breakfast Topic: To bug or not to bug {WoW}

Nov 12th 2008 8:49AM I'll admit, I did jump onto my priest as fast as I could and nabbed all of the gear, took a couple of great screen shots, then put back on my normal blue and purple gear, my shaman did pick up the ring and neck. made me decide I really should have gotten the healing neck during my breaf stint(and still continuing) as healer for my friends 5 man group(ended up with a healing set better than my prefered enhance set thanks to Z'A and up invites, but thats not the point).

I knew that they would roll back the server, Blizzard doesnt like giving out free loot by accident. But the Idiocy(pardon my slight language) of some of the people in trade had me in histerics. One guy happily stated that he went from half blues and half pve epics to full pvp and had deleted his old gear. Took me and a few other sane 'Vets' to explain to him that they would take it from him, and that blizzard would not refund his old gear back to him. mass hysteria insured when it was revealed a lot of the 'younger'(not young in age, just wow age, not to mention I'm sure several were Ebayers. Had a guy last week ask me what spell power was, Shift click revealed a lvl 70 shaman) players had done the same.

On a side note, anyone know if Blizzard had plans to add the NPC collision system they displayed on the Arena Realms? The Hall of Legends was a hell hole. Would have been a gem in there. trying to click on a moving name tag is hard.

and for the last time /c doesnt work >.

Breakfast Topic: How do you tag necropolis mobs? {WoW}

Oct 26th 2008 11:14AM we spent ages tonight, clearing a stone and JUST as the guys spawned. a 10 man raid of horde(i'm horde too) rode up, activated them all, tagged them all, killed them, insulted us, and rode off...

turned out it was the 5th group they had done it too.. we were also working with a group of allaince(on a pvp server) and had arranged to let them have 2... they promptly followed the hordies, and proceeded to rip them to shreads... double duel warglaive rogues will do that too you.

they need to do something with the tagging system... or atleast make more spawning locations... plus both blasted lands and azshara are bugged for us. no stone, but still a circle. they should use their phasing tech for this. have a AD guy standing around that we talk to who phases us all and no one can attack the mobs we spawn.. but that might crash teh servers >.>

Solving the holiday boss summon problem {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2008 11:59PM one of my friends wanted to do that.. we have finished our run, and i was mucking around and dueling my BF outside SM... He's a druid, so he left group for stealth which ended up with said idiot in question(yes i did jsut call him a idiot, hes done alot of selfish things lately to earn the title) as the leader.

now as soon as we had finished our previous run he had asked to go again. it would have ended up with 1 summon with a group of 4 who had used it(i was duelboxing the healer and a dps) i said no. we werent gonna run again but he could go find a group for himself.

as soon as he got leader he invited a mage from his guild, reinvited the druid half duel and said 'alright lets go' and ran off... after a moment of confusion we realised what he wanted to do. i said 'NO we are not going to do it with 1 summon' and the mage left.

He then had a total rant at me. saying i had wasted his time and that there was nothing wrong with what he wanted to do ''it is is it? well thjey have a group, we all get a summon... what is wrong? i know its inneficcient comparend to having 5 but it is still a run''

i think i pissed him off when i said 'well would you rather 5 shots at sleeping with the blonde or 1 shot?'(he has a thing about blonde girls)

The Creamy GUI Center: Beginner Addons {WoW}

Sep 17th 2008 7:56AM I became addicted to Carbonite because of the pretty red line it leaves on the little map. Great for farming herbs on a epic flyer, or mapping out farming paths for the firefly. I use it on my mains even tho they are 70 and not questing anymore

Carbonite QUEST is the free version, includes the quest helper side and the map with location. The full version costs something like 5$ american and isn't really worth it. adds a Lightheaded part as well as a Gatherer. Just use those add ons seperately(altho gatherer doesnt intereact with it currently) and you are good to go

Breakfast Topic: Buggy memories {WoW}

Aug 11th 2008 11:05AM had one like that.. decided to port us to curators room.. to stand the first time under a pillar in the ground.. and hte second time to the very top of it perched on the edge